PMD kiss

The PMD kiss is a new product that PMD came out with used for anti-aging and lip plumping. It initially will give your lips a plump look and a vibrant lip color, but over time you will see less wrinkles and lines in your lips. Who else runs at anything that is anti-aging?! This is something I especially use when going to an event or photoshoot. The more you use it the better results over time you are going to get.

I especially like the look this gives if I am going to be wearing lipstick. The look is natural, but you can definitely tell a difference.

The PMD uses pulsating vacuum technology. The kiss pulses on the lip with two different sizes and two different speeds. You can play around with the sizes and speeds to figure out what is best for your lips.


Check out the PMD kiss at PMD Beauty

Photography by Angela Nunnink Photography

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