Our First Move

blog moveThis family of three has had a lot of things going on. Two weeks ago Cody got “laid off” from his job in Los Angeles, so we waited around for a call to find out where we were headed next. We got a call the following Tuesday that we would be making a not so big move to Lancaster, CA. Only an hour away from where we were.. not going to lie I was kind of bummed that we weren’t going to be closer to our home town, but the day will come. Right?!? They gave Cody almost a week off to get things together so that he could start his new job on Monday (two days ago), so instead of getting things together we took a road trip. We drove up to our home town, Grass Valley, CA. It was a  much needed quick trip for all of us! Fresh air! We could finally breath again. 🙂 Cody got to see his buddies, and Dekker got to spend some time with his Mimi. On Sunday, Cody’s aunt and uncle helped us move our trailer… lets just say the day was exhausting! Our trailer tire blew… and that was just the beginning. We are now all settled in here in Lancaster. It may not be my favorite place(already), but I am thankful Cody is liking his job and there is a lot less traffic. YAY!





Photography by sweet sis in law:  http://www.kelseylaurenphoto.com

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A lot of people have been asking me what I got in my first fix, so here it is! I received this in the mail a few weeks ago.. I spent a few days constantly tracking my package and finally it arrived! I was SO excited when it arrived, because you never know what fun pieces are going to be in there. I am so picky about my clothes so I was a little worried, but it was perfect. When I opened it I was not certain about the ombre dress, but I decided to keep it and I even wore it this week 🙂 That is why Stitch Fix is so fun, because you get items you would not normally pick out in the store, but when you try them in your own home you love them! Now I wish I could get a fix umm EVERY WEEK… but I think Cody might think my shopping problem has gone too far! So its fun to get every now and then when you feel like you need some new items in your closet! I love the distressed black jeans and the patch sweater for fall. The blue tank top I showed the back because I loved the button details. And last but not least I love some fun jewelry to bring my outfits together. Here is my referral link to Stitch Fix if you want to check it out: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/4342883
Feel free to comment below for any questions!

IMG_2042IMG_2043It is officially our last week in Los Angeles, so I better get packing things up! Stayed tuned for where we are headed next.



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Happy Fall

FullSizeRenderIMG_1902IMG_1833IMG_1832 A visit to Mimi’s pumpkin patch was a must while we were in my home town. As you can see Dekker was loving playing around in there, and it was just the cutest thing ever. It was nice to get away from the heat in Los Angeles, and experience some amazing fall weather! Although I think I brought the colder weather back down with me. Yay! Bye Bye 100 plus weather. We have been traveling a lot lately so we are happy to be home all together. Cody started school for work, and we are looking forward to being moved in the next month or two as this job is ending!

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DCIM100GOPROAloha!! I just got home from a 10 day vacation to Kauai, and it was all in celebration of my marriage. Kauai was filled with “honeymooners”, and we were one of them!! Every place we went we would try to spot them all out, and it was pretty easy! How fun that we got to celebrate our marriage on this gorgeous island.. WE WILL be back 🙂 Iv’e gotten a lot of questions about why I haven’t posted anything yet about our trip… 1. We really wanted to enjoy the time together just the two of us AND 2. I forgot my camera at home, so we were using Cody’s phone for all our pictures.. whelp… It broke the day we left. bye bye pictures. It took me a while to get over the fact they were all gone, but I had a few so I will share 🙂

FullSizeRender[2]We spent a lot of time out on our deck we had off our condo we stayed in. Yes that is the ocean right across the street! So fun! & we shared lots of breakfast in the mornings and drinks at night.IMG_1578
IMG_1418FullSizeRenderMost nights we spent across the street on “our little beach” watching the sun set, and drinking some delicious Smith Vineyard wine. That bottle was one of the last bottles from the wedding, so we enjoyed it together. It was so nice having this beach across from us!! We biked a couple times, but most nights we just walked over. One night we even brought dinner on the beach 🙂

FullSizeRender[2] copyFullSizeRender copy 4FullSizeRender[1] copy 2IMG_1486IMG_1558Some fun tourist things we saw & the chickens!! I was seriously obsessed with all the chickens roaming around Kauai. They were so cute I wanted to take them all home. They are EVERYWHERE.FullSizeRender copy 3This picture was taken at fancy night out in Kauai at an amazing place called the beach house. I think this was my favorite night! We started out by going to the farmers market in Poipu, and we booked reservations not really knowing the restaurant was pretty fancy. So as my husband would say.. we got “fitted”. haha. We bought new outfits and changed into them and went to dinner! FullSizeRender copy 2FullSizeRender[1]I was SO excited to do a boat tour of the Napali Coast, because you can not access this by driving and I’ve heard it is so gorgeous. As excited as I was I will never do this again.. I was SOOO sea sick! I didn’t care for the views or anything.. it was such a bummer. The crew on the boat took care of me and sprayed me with a hose making me feel better, and putting some essential oils behind my ears! Although the FIVE hour trip was not fun I really enjoy the pictures! haha!


FullSizeRender copyFullSizeRender[3]

Everyday was such a blast in the water. If you know me you know I am afraid of the ocean… I went in everyday and snorkeled around. It was my favorite part!! I’m not going to take this up as a hobby or anything, but the water was clear and beautiful and I loved it.

FullSizeRender[1] copyOf all the places we went this was my favorite spot. Queens bath in princeville.. You have to go! It was a short hike to tide pools and this slice of heaven. We saw more fish in here snorkeling than anywhere else.

Kauai was seriously magical. My husband and I both needed that fun get away, and we can not wait to go enjoy  it more later on. Of course next time we are going to bring our little water baby boy with us! We missed him. I am going to miss happy hours, snorkeling, exploring, beautiful sunsets, and most of all the chickens!!


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This weekend I had family come to visit, and it is always so nice to see some familiar faces around here. I had SO much fun being  a tourist with them. We enjoyed Santa Monica all day shopping, and then Sunday went to Zuma Beach in Malibu for a day of relaxation. Although the relaxation turned into Cody forcing me in the water, and Dekker covered in sand from head to toe. My little munch has no fear when it comes to the ocean unlike is mama. He is so obsessed with the sand and the water it is too cute. Dekker got company in his little room as they were troopers and slept on the bunk beds in our little home. My home is starting to really feel like home which I LOVE. They brought a bunch of our stuff that was still in our home town. HOORAY for no more plastic forks! Enjoy some favorites from this weekend in Los Angeles… & those cute little “teethers” down below. My baby is growing too fast 🙁IMG_1100IMG_1103IMG_1045IMG_1102IMG_1093

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Thirty-Nine days ago I got spend a very special day celebrating our love with friends and family. Cody and I met in high school, but did not date till later on. When we first starting hanging out I remember telling my parents that he was just a friend. My mom and step-dad thought I was crazy… a friend that comes over every day?!? As our friendship grew we quickly became inseparable. Although long distance did come into place a few times as I moved to San Diego for school, and Cody moved to New Zealand, we still managed to keep our connection. After four long years of getting to know this handsome man I got to marry him. The day was nothing short of magical, dreamy, and just perfect. As you can see in the amazing few pictures I have chosen to share. Marriage is something special to the both of us, and we are exactly where we want to be right now. This past week I bought something on Cody’s debit card, and he was right next to me while I purchased it. A couple days later at work he is on a lunch break looking through his bank statements, and see’s this odd purchase that he did not make. He immediately calls the bank and files a fraud( yes against his wife), and cancels all his cards. After canceling the cards he says to the banker,” You know what, I think this was my wife…” OOPS. Haha.

Enjoy our amazing photos by Kayla Lilli Photography

And Hair and Makeup by Angela Nunnink hair and makeup artistry

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Thirty- Two feet of living

linebride                                                          I am SO excited to share my first blog post, and begin this fun journey in my life. First off I am The Line Bride, because my husband is an lineman and whats better than being a bride?! My husband has to travel around California and Nevada for the next three to five years, and our son, Dekker, and I get to experience this adventure with him. I want to share my story, and so much more with you through my blog. Here is an interesting video about Lineman and there trade.. check it out! https://vimeo.com/50999798. As my husband goes through his apprenticeship we will never know exactly when and where we are headed next. (I guess you could say spontaneous has learned to be my new middle name). Fun fact: during our wedding vows, Cody, my husband, said his favorite part about me was when I was spontaneous.(I so am not, but here I am!) First stop…LOS ANGELES!! Iv’e survived my first week and a half living in our home and our home being a thirty-two foot fifth wheel. Yes, the three of us packed all our belongings up and some how managed to squeeze it in our “tiny home”.


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