I know everyone always says that when their babies become a year older they just can’t believe it, but really I CAN NOT! Once I have baby #2 I am sure it will seem more real that I have a two year old, but until then it is just so crazy to me. A TWO year old!!! He is such a big boy. He is definitely always on the go, but in all the right moments this one is such a sweetheart. He still snuggles with me daily, and always makes sure to give his mama hugs and kisses. And with that said, a second later he is all about playing ninja turtles, running around and always wanting to go on a walk, and of course making a big mess of everything! He is particular about pretty much everything and I find it so funny because his dad is definitely this way too. We have a book in that we write in about whats going on with Dekker, but I always like to write on here as well. And honestly I write on here WAY more than in his book.. I really need to write in that more often. haha. So this morning he decided to climb in his dresser drawer and get baby Vicks vapor rub and paint my walls.. it was lovely! Sometimes you just laugh at this moments though and I love my crazy boy. Happy number 2 Dekker Drew, we love you!

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Maternity Wear!

img_0129 img_0146 img_0124

I am almost 28 weeks with my baby boy! YAY! I finally have started shopping for my little man which is always so exciting getting those teeny tiny clothes. Also great news.. I don’t get sick every day. Occasionally I do but for the most part I am feeling so much better. As for my wardrobe, my pants are definitely snug! So who needs pants when you can find cute maternity dresses that are SO comfy and cute. I personally think dresses are more comfy when you are pregnant over yoga pants, and I wear a lot of yoga pants. haha. My first pregnancy I never bought one maternity item, but this time I am caving! PinkBlush has the cutest maternity clothes for a good price, and every item I have received I have loved. The holidays are coming up, and this dress is so perfect for that. Oh wait it gets even better… PinkBlush also has non maternity wear that is just as cute. I have linked a few cute items perfect for the holidays and fall wear below!

Plaid Maternity Tunic : Cute with some leggings and booties!

Accent knit Dress : Love this simple dress!

Non Maternity olive green suede elbow top: For you non pregos!

Head over to my Instagram for a GIVEAWAY with Pink Blush!




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So I remember when we first started Dekker on brushing his teeth, and he did not necessarily love it, but he has grown to loving it. This makes it SO much easier for Cody and I, so we don’t have a screaming melt down to deal with every time. I know as a kid it was not necessarily my favorite thing to do, but it has to be done. Those dental bills can creep up on you really fast. haha. And since Dekker’s initials are DDS and my grandfather was a Dentist, people always joke about him being a Dentist when he is older. What really made things easier for us was having our tooth brush out as well, and we would brush with him. I always brush his first and then let him do it on his own, because every toddler wants to do everything on there own. I sit him on the counter which works for us, and let him put his tooth brush in the water and in his mouth. It is pretty cute to watch too 🙂  We received this oral care set just recently from #Nuby, but I so wish we would have had it when he was younger because of all the four stages. He loves to try every stage out even now and it is the perfect size for him. I am doing a giveaway over on my instagram: blakeashlyn Check it out!
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Traveling with a Toddler

It is pretty much essentially when traveling with a toddler to always have food with you, and that even goes for those short trips to the parks or grocery store. I can not tell you how many times some yogurt covered raisins, a bar, or a sand which have saved my sanity. haha. I travel a lot with my toddler by myself, and I think the only time he ever sits still is when he is shoveling food in his mouth. I received these snack keepers from Nuby, and they are so great! Spill free( thank you), and my son loves putting his hand in there to get a snack out. You can get these snack keepers at Amazon or Babies R Us.

I also received this insulated stainless steel cup, and if your toddler is anything like mine he drinks SO much water. He calls it his “pop” which I think is so cute. I have no idea where he got the name from, but it works 🙂  We love the insulated cup so that his drink stays cold, and we love the handle feature for a my busy boy.( Also comes with different straw types, and no handles) We are going on vacation tomorrow YAY, and you betcha’ I have these packed in my bag for the plane ride. Stainless steel cup is sold at Babies R Us.
img_6040 img_6042 img_6041 img_6043



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Many to go!

Over a year of marriage has passed and I think I really want to keep him. haha. But really I feel this overwhelming feeling of love everyday, and it is so special. Not saying marriage is perfect, but I love that marriage gives you the opportunity to grow as a couple. After we got married we really got to start our lives together as a whole. It became important realizing that even though we saw each other every day those little things matter. Those simple acts of love that we both need and differ in. Take this day to really make your significant other feel special, because they deserve it!!

We did a fun shoot when we were in our home town with Lydia Photography, in Grass Valley, CA, at my in-laws property. I love that getting your picture taken allows you to really connect, and then you get these beautiful natural images out of them. We did this right after our one year anniversary at the same location we got married at, so it made it extra special for the two of us.
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Hair and Makeup by, Angela Nunnink Hair and Makeup

Photography by, Lydia Photography


XO The Line Bride


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It’s Fall Ya’ll

Happy Fall Ya’ll! I am so excited that is Fall, so I thought I would give you some fall shopping inspiration. I come from a town that gets all the seasons, so it is going to be a little hard for me being in Los Angeles in the fall. So far, it is not looking to promising, but I will take what I can get. I have already been lighting my fall candles for a week now(oops), but I have yet to put some decorations up. Majority of my closet is geared towards fall, I just can’t resist buying for sweater and boot weather.

Sweater DressLove a sweater dress for fall paired with a knee high boot!

Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Okay I just received this and I love it! I am not a huge lip girl, but have been loving that dark berry lip color for fall.

Felted Wool Hat

Frye Riding BootsI purchased these during the Nordstrom anniversary sale, and I have been waiting to wear them out and about. Perfect pair of leather brown boots 😀

Heritage Plaid BP Scarf: The perfect accessory in Fall is a scarf! I love the plaid scarf paired with distressed  jeans and a simple tee.

BP Canvas Military Jacket

Raw Edge Skinny JeansYes, yes, and yes!

Cut- out BootiesMy husband thinks I am a boot addict, but really booties are my jam! I am obsessed with pretty much every pair I see. I even have leopard ones.. those are definitely my husbands favorite.. not!




XO The Line Bride

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Half way there!!

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I am officially half way done with my pregnancy, which means I am that much closer to meeting my little boy. To say I am excited is an understatement, but to be honest I am the worst pregnant person ever. I wish I was one of those people that felt amazing and loved being pregnant. Those wonder women that have so much energy and barely notice they are pregnant. If you’re one of them and are reading this: I WANT to be you. My second pregnancy has been pretty much a replica of my first. If you have sifted through my blog and read about my pregnancy with Dekker you would know I was sick about 7 out of 9 months of my pregnancy. Here I am 20 weeks pregnant, out of the “morning sickness” stage, yet I am still sick majority of the time. I have tried about everything in the books to try and ease this but nothing seems to help. If anyone has a miracle way of making me feel better send your magic over here! Although I do not enjoy the side effects of pregnancy my little boy is SO worth it. I love feeling him kick, watching Dekker kiss my belly, and watching my belly grow! I also enjoy that mom is just forced to get nap time too! haha. Can not wait to have my life filled with even more buzz lightyear, planes, and trucks than it already is.



XO The Line Bride

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Better late than never right?!? I have been wanting to share these for a while, because I think everyone should go here!! 😀 I love taking Dekker to all these fun new places, and this was one place I definitely want to go back and bring my hubby. It was GORGEOUS, and Dekker was in heaven with all the rocks, dirt, sand, and water! What little boy wouldn’t be.. haha. We stayed at Quileute Oceanside Resort in La Push, Washington.. Yes where Twilight was filmed!   We met family there and enjoyed a relaxing celebration for my grandparents 50th anniversary! Enjoy.. and happy almost FRIDAY.


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img_5826img_5829Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

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Baby Registry & Wish List!

Here we go peeps! When I was pregnant with my first I remember feeling very overwhelmed by all the baby product out there. You are wondering.. what is going to be best for my family and our lifestyle? Is this gadget really even necessary? Or why the heck is baby stuff so expensive? Also there are a lot of stuff out that just is not very cute in my opinion. haha. So because I know so many women expecting right now, including my bun in the oven, I thought I would share some of my favorites at The Baby Cubby. If you haven’t heard of the The Baby Cubby you need to check it out!

Perks of  The Baby Cubby: There are a lot of stores out there, but not every store is going to engage with their customers like the baby cubby does through social media and via their blog: The cubby community blog( located on their website). Go check it out! Their team is made up of moms who have been there, and dealt with what us moms are going through. Let me tell you.. we all need some help, encouragement, and a little reassurance every once in a while that we aren’t the only ones going through a tough time of motherhood. They make it their goal to find the safest gear out there and even test it themselves! So you know you’re shopping confidently with them. I think the number one thing they offer is PRICE MATCHING!! Price matching is so important, because now you know you are getting a great deal. Now enjoy some of my wish lists and some favorites from The Baby Cubby. Every product is linked if you just hover over the name of product! Enjoy..especially if you love baby stuff as much as I do.



Maxi Cosi Infant Car Seat 

Your carseat is going to be that first thing your new little baby really uses on that trip HOME from the hospital. YAY! Such a special moment, and I love this simple black seat by maxi cosi. Plus it looks so cozy! I would recommend to every one to invest in an infant carseat over a convertible, because you are able to easily transfer your sleeping baby.

black_and_birch_pathway_packPetunia Pickle Pathway Pack  Your diaper bag is your life for the next two years guys! I really like this one by Petunia Pickle for the simplicity, along with the fact it can be a backpack! Having two kids can get crazy, so a backpack is so perfect!

5z1a5831_1024x1024 Gathre Micro Leather Mat for diaper changing, play time, etc.


4Moms MamaRoo I had this with my first and LOVED it. It doesn’t take a lot of room up, and a huge help when mom is trying to get ready!

towel_-_ff Little Unicorn Hooded Towel and Wash Cloth

baby_jogger_city_select_double_-_black  Baby Jogger City Select with second seat A stroller is a huge investment, but also something you will use a lot. I use my single stroller almost everyday, and it really makes life a lot easier. This stroller can actually be used with only one seat as well, which makes is really nice that is so convertible. Serious life saver!

green_5oz_single_3 Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle  A lot of babies have a hard     time adjusting to a bottle, so I thought I would share this bottle that I hear so many good things about. This bottle is going to ease your transition from breastfeeding to bottle, but remember not every bottle works for everyone!

growing_garden_belly_detail Lucy Darling Growing Garden Belly Stickers

owlet4  Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor I think this is SO cool. This is a monitor that is going to tell you when your babies heart rate or oxygen level drops below normal. I think moms are always worried about their babies, so this is just something that would ease your mind when your baby is in the other room sleeping.

ppb03_pompombin_grey_large Petit Pehr Pom Pom Storage Bin


1285_1 ErgoBaby 360 Deluxe Another life saver guys! I had this for my little Dekker, and it made it so easy to clean the house and get things done. You can also put it in your car and transfer a sleeping baby, or use it if you like to hike or go on walks.

fp_-_weathered_brown_2_ Freshly Picked Moccasins My all time favorite baby shoes! My son has extremely wide feet. haha. So I have a tough time finding him shoes that are easy to put on him, and these are my jam! Can not wait to buy my little boys matching moccasins!

ink_stripe_backing Little Unicorn Cotton Quilt Little Unicorn has the CUTEST things! I am obsessed with this little quilt by them mainly because it is so hard to find simple baby quilts that are breathable. More from Little Unicorn below!

littleunicorn_cottonswaddle_bison_large Little Unicorn Single Cotton Swaddle


 DockATot Deluxe Dock Baby Lounger & Sleep Positioner This has been something I have had my eye on for a while, and I see more people using them daily! Ideal for someone who travels a lot or even has a crazy toddler running around. It is perfect for your baby to sleep, play, tummy time, or even for diaper changes. It is portable and pretty much perfect. haha.

grey_stipe_sweatpants Lulu and Roo Dark Heathered Grey Stripped Terry Sweats Last but definitely not least are these adorable sweats from Lulu and Roo. A huge plus for me: They come in a ton of sizes so I can make my boys match! Yes I am going to be that mom for as long as I can.

Hope you all enjoyed everything.. brought to you by The Baby Cubby ! Don’t forget to check out their community blog on their website! Feel free to ask questions or advice!

XO The Line Bride

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Gender Reveal!


YAY!!! BOY! We’re SO excited to announce we will be having another handsome little boy!! I am officially way out numbered in this household haha. But I love being a boy mom, so I CAN NOT WAIT. I am going to have my hands full thats for sure , but I am so glad Dekker will have a brother so close in age ,so bring it. My sister and I were three years apart growing up, and it was so fun! Dekker and his brother will be two years and three months apart…. going to be the best thing ever!! Although when I ask Dekker if he wants a brother he shakes his head and says “No!”, I know he will be so happy when his brother can play with him. Be prepared for several pictures of matching little brothers!


The Line Bride

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