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Happy Good Friday!! If you’re anything like me than you last minute scrambled up an easter basket. oops. Or maybe you still need to.. there is still lots of stuff I promise. It may have stressed me out a bit, but I got it done. This weekend we are headed on a mini two day “vaca”, and I am so excited to get away even if it is for one night. Say hello to a kings size bed, laying pool side, and good eats with my boys. We are off to Sunny San Diego!!

I always like to throw in a cute outfit in Dekker’s easter basket.. shorts, shirt, and hat are all from H&M, and perfect for the warm weather.

Of course I threw in some bubbles, chalk, eggs, and a little color wonder.

Dekker is obsessed with water bottles, and this new one is from Nuby so I had to add it into his basket. We love Nuby. It is BPA free, and the name is Thirsty Kids Flip It. Perfect for on the go, and has a silicone band for easy gripping. This new cup is available at Target, go snag it while you can.

Enjoy your Weekend!





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Super Mama

Why is my first baby so big and old :O Almost two and a half years ago this little boy made me a mama. I was so worried about making the right choices as a mom for him. How could I be that “perfect” mom, and what did that even entitle. I was always very easy going, but it did not beat the fact that I truly wanted to be a good mama. I was young, and didn’t get a hand book on all the “right” things to do.haha. Wouldn’t that be nice?! Being a first time mom is TOUGH… in more ways than one, but I am not talking about the sleepless nights or the temper tantrums. The idea that other people put in your heads. The judging that goes on if you do things differently than others. Co-sleeping is the way to go, sleep train your babies and never let them in your bed, pacifiers are life savers, do not let your baby get in the habit of being soothed by a pacifier, make your babies food, puree those pees yourself is not necessary. You guys, the list could go on for DAYS. This is where it can get so overhwhelming, and it never really goes away even when you have a toddler. Use positivity when punishing your toddler, punish them with time outs, never let them skip a nap, quiet time is nap time, no screen time, 30 minute screen time is okay. Non of these things are going to make you super mom. Lets be honest we are all super mamas, and our little ones could agree. My point being is do your thing, and do not let another mom bring you down. More encouraging to be the best we can be, and not worrying if someone else parents differently than you.

And I am not going to feel bad if my kid wants to wear his pjs all day.. ill join him 😀 Especially when they are these buttery soft organic cotton and eco safe pajamas. You can find these and much more adorable baby clothes, untreated wood rattlers, and wooden play gyms over at FINN and EMMA .


Happy Tuesday!!! I challenge you all to go to that mama that has helped encourage you as a mom, and tell them how much you appreciate them!






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At times I feel like a crazy person trying to get the whole family out of the door. There are times when I do not feel like getting out because two kids is A LOT of work by yourself. I think after a month I am starting to get the hang of things with two. Herding my little ones out the door, and hoping that they will behave. And guess what… Even if they don’t behave in public… thats okay. We all have our days right?! There are SOO many products out now that help make mamas life easier to get out and about. If you follow my Instagram you have seen that I tried going to the store with Kanon in a carseat and Dekker in the cart, and it basically gave me no room to buy anything so thats no fun. haha. I teamed up with BINXY BABY to share the BEST thing EVER. It is super compact to stay in your car at all times, and fits almost every cart. I mean this when I say this is SO worth it to buy, and even if you are expecting your first. Your sweet little babe gets to snooze in this comfy hammock. Go check them out >>HERE<< Holds up to 50 pounds in weight and can support a carseat.






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One on one time with my boys!

The night that we brought Kanon home I remember crying (actually sobbing), because I didn’t know how Dekker was going to react to all this change. He was crying because he wanted me to put him to sleep, and at this point I was with Kanon. I really wanted to be able to put both of them down, hold them, read to them, feed them all at the same time. My sweet husband reassured me that my little two year old was going to be just fine, and that I can not do everything. We talked for a while after both boys were down, and how when Dekker was this little my husband was working away during the weeks so it was just Dekker and I. I had spent the last 2 years and 3 months with Dekker by my side 24/7  and I know a lot of you mamas can relate. We have finally hit the point of adjusting to having two. My number one thing that has saved me as a mama of two (and I am sure Dekker 😉 ) is getting one on one time with each one still. Daily I find time to set Kanon down for a nap and cuddle Dekker or play swords. Kanon and I get a lot of one on one time (sometimes interrupted by a two year old), but I LOVE that I can still enjoy some time with just my newborn. Dad will take Dekker out and about, so Kanon and I can have some peace and quiet together at home. He loves his tummy time with mama on our handmade Lorena Canal Rug. Anyone with kids knows they can be quite messy, and thats why this rug is machine washable. Hallelujah. So for all you expecting moms, make sure to have individual time with both always… it will save you!

Enjoy your Day!

My favorite Rug linked right >>HERE<<



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2 for 2!

Whoever said that you can’t have two easy babies?! All you expecting mamas of your second, there is hope people. I am two for two over here although, so far my toddlers are rough! This little guy knew that I needed an easy one, because of our little crazy toddler running around. Kanon is such a good baby. I am blessed! He has thrown at as many smiles, sleeps SO well, and is such a good eater. In the past month he has gone on a road trip, taken a bottle, and had his first night in a hotel. He is adjusting to the traveling life quite well. haha. Making our lives easier is the Dock A Tot. Seriously SO convenient. This multi-functional lounger used for 0-8 months has been perfect for us. We have used it for co-sleeping, and moving around the house so mom can get stuff done. The DockATot is breathable all natural lounger. Dekker has even tried to steal it multiple times, so I think we better get him the DockATot grand for ages 9-36 months. We would reccommend this to every expecting mama out there!



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I remember like it was yesterday when my husband and I found out I was pregnant with our sweet little Kanon. We were living in Lancaster, and we had previously talked about baby #2 but decided that even though we both had major baby fever that we wanted to wait. Fast forward two months later after multiple people coming to me telling me they had dreams I was pregnant and me telling them they were crazy; I went to the gynecologist to change my birth control ( yes I was on birth control) and found out I was in fact pregnant. After writing out a million texts to my husband and then deleting them before sending I decided to wait until he got home from work to tell him. I found an old amazon box and put the test and a little note saying ” I can’t wait to meet you daddy” in the box. I told him he got something from Amazon and he was so confused looking at this already opened amazon box. haha( I guess I could have put more effort into taping it back up, but I thought it was funny). Looking back on that stressful and exciting night, oh my gosh, I would not have wanted it to go any other way. We are soaking up these first few weeks with this little nugget and his big brother. Life with Kanon is an adventure, it is crazy, and so so sweet. We got blessed with a very mellow baby, thank goodness. He sleeps at night already with only waking up twice to eat and I LOVE him for that right now. haha. He grunts like crazy. ( so did Dekker Drew). He loves to be swaddled at night. Kanon is a traveling trooper, but definitely likes to be held. We could not imagine life with out this sweet boy.

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Kanon’s Birth Story!

We welcomed the most perfect little boy into the world on January 30th, and we could not be happier! I always love to read birth stories, so I thought I would share this little ones. If you know me or have been following me for a while you know that we live ” on the road”. When I found out I was pregnant I was really nervous, and had to figure out how I was going to make all these doctors appointments when we are constantly moving. We decided it was easiest to deliver in our home town where both our families live. Thank goodness for my doctor being okay with me missing a few appointments.I decided for the second time to be induced because it was easier with our lifestyle. If you read Dekker’s birth story you know it took over 24 hours before I was even in labor :O.  So fast forward over two years and here we are again! In the same hospital my husband, myself, and Dekker were born in. (Side note:Dekker was born in the same room as I, and Kanon was born in the same room Cody was born in.) We went in at 8 am on January 30th to get things going and I was dilated to a 2. We put bets on when this boy was coming the night before and I thought for sure it was going to take a while, and we would be well into January 31st. We had a few visitors that morning and played a card game similar to cards against humanity. haha. (with my Nana) At about 1 pm my doctor came in to check me and I was at a 4, and he decided to break my water. Right when I heard him say that I freaked out and asked him If I could get an epidural. I think he thought I was crazy because I was having contractions but not in pain. I remember him breaking my water with Dekker and I was in a lot of pain RIGHT after that, and I had Dekker so fast that I was scared there would be no time. He convinced me to wait and I think I told my nurses every time I saw them that eventually I wanted an epidural before I was in a lot of pain. oops. I was feeling okay but starting to feel my contractions more and more. At 4:25 pm I was dilated to a 6 and was beyond ready for my epidural. Once I decided to get my epidural I sent everyone out, and knew he was coming soon. hooray! Wait I take that back I wanted the epidural before I was ready haha. At 6 pm I was dialed to 9.5 and they were getting ready to have me push. At 6:12 pm I started pushing and after 3 pushes Kanon’s heart rate went down drastically, and the doctor grabbed the vaccum.  All I heard was him mention having a cesarean, and then the nurses told him there were no surgical teams available. Naturally I freaked out and could sense the fear in my husband as well. I think this really kicked myself into pushing gear because I did not want a cesarean or anything to go “wrong”. And there he was after 1 more push at 6:32 pm, Kanon Gane Smith. Our hearts are so full.

Go check out our video of Kanon Gane being welcomed into this world, and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel: HERE!!!!



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baby boy


We are officially TEN days out until we go into the hospital to have our second baby boy! So many exciting, scary, and anxious feelings flowing through my body. Every mom I have talked to deals with having this fear of how can you love another one as much as the first, and that is definitely a real fear happening around here. But hey everyone also says YOU CAN, IT IS POSSIBLE so that feeling of my heart loving another little sweet nugget just as much is going to be the best. Or the fear of how my first born is going to do with a new baby in the house. (This will be something I will keep you guys up to date on because I know so many mamas wonder about these things.) I have been preparing Dekker with a lot of baby time with his new baby cousins, and he is such a LOVER to them. It melts my dang heart, so can not imagine it being my own and his new baby brother. I enjoy the messy, the complicated, the challenging, and the unknown of motherhood so I am ready to take on the task of two little boys. Call me crazy! Now for my pregnancy I can not wait to no longer get nauseous or have that terrible acid reflux I have been dealing with. Bring on the no sleep, as long as I have a healthy little boy in my arms. These next ten days are going to be spent relaxing, and preparing since I still do not have my hospital bag even packed.. oops.. and babies car seat is still sitting inside. Oh and of course I will be snuggling my first born way too much. Enjoy a few of my maternity pictures with Angela Nunnink Photography.




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Holidays with the Smiths!

Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over we can all enjoy slowing things down a bit. We had such a great but mellow Christmas this year, and I loved being surrounded by both of our families. It makes things so much easier that both of our parents live in the same town! We get to hop from house to house with out feeling too overwhelmed. The older your kids get I think the better Christmas gets. Dekker loved Christmas, but definitely didn’t care too much about the opening part of presents. I think his favorite part is being surrounded by so many people. He is such a people person that he gets so excited whenever we are visiting our families: no time to eat, cuddle, or sit for more than five seconds. My busy busy little two year old. Now that things are slowing down it is time for New Years! I am really not a huge New Years person, but I LOVE going back and reminiscing on the year. In 2016 we have lived in two different cities, had our one year wedding anniversary, began the terrible twos, and MADE A BABY! Bring on 2017; as we get to open it up in a few weeks with another little blessing!

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Last minute gift for him!

img_0328img_0360We are less than two weeks away from Christmas, and if you are anything like me this year than you probably STILL haven’t finished shopping. Wait I think this is every year not just this one..eek! I have no idea why I do this to myself, because it seriously stresses me out!! haha. Maybe it is the thrill of trying to get everything done last minute, or maybe I just can’t seem to think about Christmas before Thanksgiving so I always feel rushed. Also the men in my life are always a challenge. There are only so many gadgets and tools in the world(my husband may beg to differ). Girls are easy because hello CLOTHES, ACCESSORIES, SHOES… the list is end list and we can never have too many of any of these things. I’ve teamed up with JORD wood watches to share an awesome gift idea for the men(or women) in your life. My husband does not dress up very often, and he loves his early Christmas present from JORD. He is able to wear this cool unique watch during the holidays. They are great quality wooden watches which are so cool, and I think they look pretty dang good on my hubby as you can see. I have a $25 instant gift code for all of my followers if you click on this >>$25 GIFTCODE<< use it while it lasts! It will expire on 2/28/2017.  They have a big variety of colors and different shapes and prices, so you have to go check them out! My husband is wearing the watch linked HERE! These watches do not disappoint , and are the perfect gift for you to shop from the comfort of your own couch! Enjoy!

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches



> Wooden Wristwatch

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