Holiday Traditions!

Christmas is my most FAVORITE time of year. I know typical.. but it really is. I love that my little three year old is learning all about the joy of Christmas. Watching him expierence festive things I think helps get him so excited. I don’t have too many set traditions, but I do love a good tradition and I have one that is my very favorite.

When I was a younger my mom had a tradition of having us all open one gift on Christmas Eve. The night before Christmas every year we would open up matching pajamas. I seriously love this tradition so much. Next year I decided I am going to put a twist on it, because right now my mother in law and mom both do this tradition. Next year on December 1st( hopefully when we get to decorate a tree)  I want to give my boys some new Christmas jammies they get to wear all December. I heard another blogger saying this is what they do, and thought it was SO great to add to our little traditions. Whats better than wearing Christmas pajamas! I always was so anxious waiting for my cozy pajamas, so next year I can’t wait to add this twist to our holiday season.

What is your favorite holiday traditions?! Comment below  I love starting new ones with my boys.


Angela Nunnink Photography

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Dressing up with Little Adventures!

Happy Tuesday!! Now that we are all deep into the Christmas shopping. I get so stressed during Black Friday, cyber Monday, and then all the days they throw in between with good deals haha. This year was one of the first times really getting a lot of things ordered during the sales. I am here to throw another deal out at you and an amazing gift.  I am pretty certain most kids like to dress up and get into character, I know my toddler is OBSESSED with costumes. I love seeing his little imagination come out when he gets into character. If Dekker could live in his costumes he most definitely would. We were introduced to Little Adventures WASHABLE dress ups and costumes. You guys.. washable is SO key around my house. We are loving these, and I have a coupon code for 15% off.. go check them out! Perfect gift to give that sweet kid in your life, or throw in if you need an extra for your own babes. Use code BLAKEA15% at check out!

ENJOY! they also have the cutest chair aprons for the perfect little work station if you don’t have a lot of room in your house… ME ME ME! 🙂




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Gift Guide for Her!!


My most favorite time of year is coming up quick, and I LOVE to look at gift guides. This was my most wanted gift guide, so here ya go! I may be adding things to my gift guides until we reach Christmas if I find some great finds that I need to share. I hope this helps anyone looking for their mamas, friends, or maybe your wife! xo.

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I officially have a three year old!!


On November 13th 2014 at 8 AM I walked in to the hospital that both my husband and I were born in ready to get induced and meet my baby boy. At this time we still had no idea what we were going to name him, or how much this tiny little boy was going to change our lives. After a day of my induction process moving very slowly I finally met my baby boy, Dekker Drew, on November 14th at 4:29 pm.

This boy is one of a kind, my everything, and as he just started saying his best friend. Every year gets a little more special with him. Year three he has blossomed soo much, and became a big brother and boy oh boy is that my favorite to watch. He is sweet and kind. He is confident and a little social butterfly. He is everything to me. Happy Birthday, I love being your mama Dekker Drew Smith

We celebrated your third birthday this weekend surrounded by family and friends.. dinosaur style. Your favorite things to play with are dinosaurs, swords, ninja turtles, and your brother. You love talking to everyone, dancing, and playing with your cousins. You can’t get enough of fruit snacks, bars, eggs, broccoli, noodles, pizza, and BURGERS.



Wreaths by Amy at HEX

Angela Nunnink Photography

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Gift Guide for Him!!


I remember when my husband and I were dating and I would always look at mens holiday gifts. They are SO hard to buy for. Maybe it’s because most don’t always want more of something they already have. Girls would be happy with her 100th pair of boots, or watches and purses to choose from. My hubby helped me a little with this one.. the power drill was definitely him, but everyone really does need that. Also Everything is 100 or less besides the nest.Click on the photo and it will take you right to the item.



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Getting your baby to like solids with YUMI


I have had two totally different babies as I have mentioned before. My oldest was a huge eater, and Kanon was tough to get him excited about starting solids. We recently started using YUMI baby foods and before I decided to share this with you I made sure that it was something we loved.

When you are starting foods for you littles it can be so intimidating. There is SO much stuff out there, and you are wondering whats going to be best because obviously you are wanting to give your littles the best nutritional diet. I also think if you are giving your babes a well rounded diet this is going to help them when they are older so they aren’t so picky. I have been constantly giving my three year old( ahh I will have a three year old in two weeks) lots of veggies since he was little and he still loves them.

Yumi is not just a baby food subscription box that comes to your door… which is so convenient, but a safe place to ask any questions if you are having trouble with this process. A community that has been so helpful for me in experimenting with my stubborn little eater. All the baby food is organic, plant-based, gluten, soy, and dairy free. From YUMI you know that these fresh blends are a healthy choice for your babes.

I can officially say this kid LOVES eating now! They offer a variety from simple purees to amazing blends. We started out with the purees and added in the blends to adjust him to a little more texture. YUMI does not disappoint you guys.


Check out YUMI HERE!

Use this special code for a discount on your first order: BLAKExYUMI


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Astronaut DIY costume! 2017



I CAN NOT with these mini astronauts! The past two years I was not really into halloween, maybe because Dekker was too young to care but this year I told myself I needed to make it an actual thing. Plus we were going to be in our home town this year so we were able to dress up and trick or treat with cousins which made it so much fun. My next goal is to eventually do a family costume some time in my life. haha. Baby steps people.

These costumes were SO easy and turned out better than I thought.

  1. start out with a white romper/sleeper by Baby Breez
  2. bought all my patches on Amazon
  3. Stitched a few stitches into the patches so that I was able to remove and use the yummy white sleepers again!

DIY jet packs

1.spray pant either 2 liter bottles or normal water bottles matte silver

2. while those are drying cut felt flames out (red, orange, and yellow)

3. glue flames together with hot glue gun

4. cut a square piece of cardboard and glue the bottles on it

5. glue flames on the end of bottles

6. add shoulder straps for them to wear it

Done! And then buy the cutest NASA shoes from Freshly Picked


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My everyday makeup!


A simple easy makeup routine is my best friend. I am a sucker for trying new makeup, and I recently started using Makcara beauty for my everyday makeup routine. This has been saving me! I am obsessed with the creme base because it really gives me that dewy glow that I am obsessed with. First off  it is really hard for me to find time to do a full face everyday and this allows for just that. Second off it is so compact you can bring it anywhere. I swear getting ready for me has cut in half.

The compact I have is so simple.. I have a highlight( basically it is your foundation), a contour, blush, and illuminator. Also this 30 second hac brush is amazing, and I use it along with Maskcara’s beauty blender. The makeup is used to not necessarily layer, obviously you can, but thats what makes it so simple and easy. I throw on my brows after with a brow pencil ,and my all time favorite drug store mascara by maybelline >here< , and finish off with the stay spray and boom I am done.  I will be doing a live tomorrow on my Instagram (@blakeashlyn) to show you exactly how I do my everyday makeup routine.

When you buy four single cans with Maskcara Beauty shown below you get a FREE compact, and look how cute that marble compact is?! I die! There is also bigger compacts if you buy more than four singles. You can pick and choose which singles you want from lip colors (doubles as blush), eye shadows, illuminators, highlights, and contour. Also if one runs out you do not need to get a whole new compact.. you can just get one single. Contact (@maskcarabytracy) to be color matched, and for anymore information or go to the website >Maskcara Beauty <

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Easy Tan at home!

Who doesn’t like a good tan.. am I right?! I am not always tan but when I am these are my go to tanning supplies. Occasionally I will get a spray tan for special occasions, but for the most part I use these products when I want an easy tan at home. Everyone likes simple.I am all about the dry brush for lots of reasons not just exfoliating before a at home tan. Along with exfoliation it is going to increase the blood flow in your legs,  and helps with  reducing cellulite. I started using the tanning towels about a year ago and LOVE them. So easy to work with and budget friendly. You have to evenly rub the towelette wherever you want the tan. It shows up in an hour or so which is nice if you have somewhere to go and not a lot of time. I’ve used this jergens for as long as I can remember and it works great to keep a consistent light bronze. I use this right out of the shower and it doesn’t make a huge difference, but the more you use it the better tan you are going to get. Since its not a drastic change I like to use it as a basic daily moisturizer.

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