I always like sharing what is making my life easier with two(kids) these days, and as difficult as it may be; getting out more often helps so much. This big guy is an explorer. We have to let him run out that energy.. and boy OH boy come 5 pm and he is a loony if he didn’t have a busy day. This morning we went to Seal Beach and enjoyed some much needed walking around just the four of us. Morning Beach walks are my all time FAVORITE!! 65 degree weather with a little mist is heaven. These are the types of things I love about traveling around. We came from the mountains have done are fair share of time in the desert, and now to have the beach a quick ten minutes away.

Now lets talk about this crazy 2 year old… he is officially in the stage of wanting to pick out his clothes. AHHH.  Last night he ended up with some yellow leggings and green shorts over the top. haha. You win some you loose some peeps. Not only does he want to pick his own clothes out, but if you put clothes on him that he isn’t diggin’ YOU are in trouble. This romper from RAD REVOLUTION KIDS has been a favorite for him. He may have worn it already twice this week… It’s only Tuesday. He says its comfy, and trust me if they had it in my size I would be ordering it. Also They have the cutest little swimmers for boys, swaddles, and more. Go check it out, so soft and great quality. We are IN LOVE.

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4 Months Old!!

BABY BOY IS FOUR MONTHS OLD! Once again I can not believe it. Now to the updates and the cool things happening with this big bad  four month old. He is all smiles. I mean look at that big smile below.  He is SO curious about his big brother and everything he does. I think his favorite thing is to just watch Dekker play, he is so content when this is going on. He officially can roll over now. yay! Hitting those milestones over here. Dekker loves to help him roll over during tummy time its pretty cute.  Kanon showered us with his first few giggles, there is nothing better than hearing that for the first time. First time was giggling at Mimi (my MIL) apparently she is pretty silly. He still sleeps almost twelve hours every night. Baby boy loves his blankets so much. He will be upset and you put the blanket up to his cheek and he is happy as can be. We are struggling with tummy issues, which is so sad. He is one gassy? pukey? baby. haha. He has discovered those little hands of his and is a slobber monster already. This month he went on his first train ride. Pretty exciting for a baby, but the rest of us had fun. On to the next month of your life baby boy. To start this month off we are headed on his first plane!!




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How do we do it?!

I get asked ALL the time, ” how do you do it?! I could never do that”. If you’ve followed me for a while you know that for the past TWO years my family has been traveling around California in a renovated fifth wheel trailer. We have moved three times so far, which is not as much as I had expected but it is still a lot for the average person.

I would like to say I love traveling and this lifestyle, but things are definitely not always easy. There are days when I may have melt downs, because I want to be by family or because there is more clutter than I would like.(Living in a small space gets messy very easily) There are days when I want to buy all the home decor in the world. There are days when I want to sell it all, and buy a house. Small quarters with FOUR people, less storage for clothes, toys, food, and definitely space. So how do I do it?! My answer to this is pretty simple. We do this to be a family. So my kids and I can see my hubby and their dad every night. So that I can fulfill  my dream job of being a stay at home mom, and my husband gets to work in the field he loves. We get to spend weekends together going to the beach, exploring new towns, and living our lives TOGETHER. All of the cons to living in a small space are no where near to the pros. We get rid of things often when they are no longer needed, we have to meal plan to fit all the food, and living in tight quarters forces us to explore and get out more.

Although this is temporary, and this chapter in our lives will end in a about a year and a half; we will be ready and happy for our next step in our adventure.  Our days of no dish washer, no privacy , and very small kitchens will be over. Until then everything we need is all right here in this 35 foot trailer.


Photography by Megan Genovese

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Dekker is two and a half!!!! ahh!

This year mother’s day happened to fall on Dekker’s 2  1/2 year  “birthday”. This boy made me a mama, and boy does he have my heart. Two and a half year olds can be such a pain in the booty, but they are SOOO cute I can’t take it. ugh. I am obsessed with his little voice learning new things, and his goofy personality. In the past three months Dekker has had two elbows out of socket.. pray for us that this doesn’t happen again. I think I said that last time, but hey the more prayers the better. This last time happened when we were in Las Vegas.. all of about two hours in!! I knew instantly when it happened because he had the same reaction.. poor guy! After FACETIMING an ER doc, and having a friend who was going to nursing school help us it was good as new. In his words “It working! It working!! Look! It working”, as he waved his little hand. So as you can tell life with Dekker is an ADVENTURE!!  He is a lover of all things; ninja turtles, robots, planes, and trains. He loves going to the aquarium, and the park. His favorite foods are broccoli, Mac n cheese, pb&js, quesadillas, and chicken. We are on week two of potty training and it is going much better than expected. YAY!

Dekker’s biggest achievment in the last six months has been becoming a BIG BROTHER! How on earth did I get so lucky with these two. Adjusting was tough, but these two little boys are everything to me!! When Dekker isn’t purposely throwing toys at his brother, or trying to lay on him( basically giving me a heart attack on the daily) he can be a sweetie pie to baby brother. He is always concerned when Kanon is crying, and tells me to help his brother. haha. Every morning he wants to hold baby brother and kiss his little forehead. The moments where he is so tender and sweet to Kanon kill me!! The sweetness does happen often, but there are times where I just have to keep them apart. haha. This may be a little snippet of my future guys!!

There is so much to learn little one, and I am so eager to see what these next six months bring! How can he possibly be so big!!!



Photo by: Megan Genovese

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On the go with Nuby

As you know our family is on the go A LOT. Recently the boys and I took a trip to Vegas to go meet family for my cousins 21st birthday. I forgot how much stuff you have to pack with a baby :O You really have to be ready for anything, there are always the unexpected sickness’, the blow outs, and of course the endless spitting up when it comes to Kanon. On our trip my family members had been helping me with the boys and I forgot to check when we went out to breakfast if the diaper bag was still full. You betcha’ it wasn’t… Dekker may have had to squeeze into his little cousins diaper for a few hours. Being unprepared is SO stressful. Any first time mamas out there… go everywhere with diaper bag loaded, and double check every time you leave the house haha. Two things that I always have on me our these two products from Nuby.

First are these all natural  pacifier wipes. I have a binky boy over here, and it is always dropping on the floor when we are on the go. These are perfect to keep in your bag. They come with 48 vanilla milk flavored wipes available at baby depot at Burlington or Kmart.

Last thing is my FAVORITE baby product I own you guys!!

It’s the breathe-eez portable nasal aspirator, immediate and effective relief from nasal congestion. I can’t say enough good things about this honestly. Kanon is sick right now, and it has saved the poor little guy. You control the suction( which may gross you out), but it works SO well. If baby is happy than mama is happy right?! Also I love this one because it comes in a small case for easy travel, so I always leave it in my diaper bag just in case. Even better its available at Amazon.. go get it!!!



Sponsored by Nuby

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3 Month baby Kanon

Our little munch is THREE months old! Time freakin’ flys people!! This little lover is sweet as can be. Loves to chat it up.Loves to eat. Loves tummy time unlike big brother did. Loves his swaddle. MAJOR binkie boy over here. He sleeps through the night.. YASSS! I mean he is pretty dang perfect. He doesn’t like bath time, and is definitely scared of big brother. He doesn’t do good with loud sounds( This is a little challenging). This month we did our first trip to San Diego, and a weekend trip to Las Vegas. He dipped his feet in the pool, and is ready to conquer his next month!



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some bunny loves you

Happy Good Friday!! If you’re anything like me than you last minute scrambled up an easter basket. oops. Or maybe you still need to.. there is still lots of stuff I promise. It may have stressed me out a bit, but I got it done. This weekend we are headed on a mini two day “vaca”, and I am so excited to get away even if it is for one night. Say hello to a kings size bed, laying pool side, and good eats with my boys. We are off to Sunny San Diego!!

I always like to throw in a cute outfit in Dekker’s easter basket.. shorts, shirt, and hat are all from H&M, and perfect for the warm weather.

Of course I threw in some bubbles, chalk, eggs, and a little color wonder.

Dekker is obsessed with water bottles, and this new one is from Nuby so I had to add it into his basket. We love Nuby. It is BPA free, and the name is Thirsty Kids Flip It. Perfect for on the go, and has a silicone band for easy gripping. This new cup is available at Target, go snag it while you can.

Enjoy your Weekend!





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Super Mama

Why is my first baby so big and old :O Almost two and a half years ago this little boy made me a mama. I was so worried about making the right choices as a mom for him. How could I be that “perfect” mom, and what did that even entitle. I was always very easy going, but it did not beat the fact that I truly wanted to be a good mama. I was young, and didn’t get a hand book on all the “right” things to do.haha. Wouldn’t that be nice?! Being a first time mom is TOUGH… in more ways than one, but I am not talking about the sleepless nights or the temper tantrums. The idea that other people put in your heads. The judging that goes on if you do things differently than others. Co-sleeping is the way to go, sleep train your babies and never let them in your bed, pacifiers are life savers, do not let your baby get in the habit of being soothed by a pacifier, make your babies food, puree those pees yourself is not necessary. You guys, the list could go on for DAYS. This is where it can get so overhwhelming, and it never really goes away even when you have a toddler. Use positivity when punishing your toddler, punish them with time outs, never let them skip a nap, quiet time is nap time, no screen time, 30 minute screen time is okay. Non of these things are going to make you super mom. Lets be honest we are all super mamas, and our little ones could agree. My point being is do your thing, and do not let another mom bring you down. More encouraging to be the best we can be, and not worrying if someone else parents differently than you.

And I am not going to feel bad if my kid wants to wear his pjs all day.. ill join him 😀 Especially when they are these buttery soft organic cotton and eco safe pajamas. You can find these and much more adorable baby clothes, untreated wood rattlers, and wooden play gyms over at FINN and EMMA .


Happy Tuesday!!! I challenge you all to go to that mama that has helped encourage you as a mom, and tell them how much you appreciate them!






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At times I feel like a crazy person trying to get the whole family out of the door. There are times when I do not feel like getting out because two kids is A LOT of work by yourself. I think after a month I am starting to get the hang of things with two. Herding my little ones out the door, and hoping that they will behave. And guess what… Even if they don’t behave in public… thats okay. We all have our days right?! There are SOO many products out now that help make mamas life easier to get out and about. If you follow my Instagram you have seen that I tried going to the store with Kanon in a carseat and Dekker in the cart, and it basically gave me no room to buy anything so thats no fun. haha. I teamed up with BINXY BABY to share the BEST thing EVER. It is super compact to stay in your car at all times, and fits almost every cart. I mean this when I say this is SO worth it to buy, and even if you are expecting your first. Your sweet little babe gets to snooze in this comfy hammock. Go check them out >>HERE<< Holds up to 50 pounds in weight and can support a carseat.






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One on one time with my boys!

The night that we brought Kanon home I remember crying (actually sobbing), because I didn’t know how Dekker was going to react to all this change. He was crying because he wanted me to put him to sleep, and at this point I was with Kanon. I really wanted to be able to put both of them down, hold them, read to them, feed them all at the same time. My sweet husband reassured me that my little two year old was going to be just fine, and that I can not do everything. We talked for a while after both boys were down, and how when Dekker was this little my husband was working away during the weeks so it was just Dekker and I. I had spent the last 2 years and 3 months with Dekker by my side 24/7  and I know a lot of you mamas can relate. We have finally hit the point of adjusting to having two. My number one thing that has saved me as a mama of two (and I am sure Dekker 😉 ) is getting one on one time with each one still. Daily I find time to set Kanon down for a nap and cuddle Dekker or play swords. Kanon and I get a lot of one on one time (sometimes interrupted by a two year old), but I LOVE that I can still enjoy some time with just my newborn. Dad will take Dekker out and about, so Kanon and I can have some peace and quiet together at home. He loves his tummy time with mama on our handmade Lorena Canal Rug. Anyone with kids knows they can be quite messy, and thats why this rug is machine washable. Hallelujah. So for all you expecting moms, make sure to have individual time with both always… it will save you!

Enjoy your Day!

My favorite Rug linked right >>HERE<<



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