Cozy up for Fall!


My favorite season around here calls for all the snuggles. It is *finally* cooling off and I am loving it. Although I like to be bundled up with my heater on. haha. I love all the activities fall brings but there is nothing like getting cozy on the couch with my boys.

Since both my boys were little they have always been blanket boys. They love a comfy blanket next to their face for comfort. When Dekker was 10 months old Cody and I went on our honeymoon, and my mother in law got Dekker hooked on that. He became attached to one specific blanket, but grew out of liking his “bubba”. I was a little sad he no longer asked me for it, but he is still a sucker for a cozy bubba. I have always brought around different blankets for Kanon and he loves to nuzzle them comfort as well. I mean really who doesn’t?! Especially this time of year.

This fall we are cozied up in our blankets by Saranoni . We LOVE these so much… they do not disappoint. There is no other blanket I would recommend than these, and they have so many options from little cozies to x large adult.. YES you read right. Your dreams of a giant baby blanket are here. Head on over to my Instagram tomorrow for an awesome GIVEAWAY with them! (@blakeashlyn)

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Move #6!

This move is a little different than normal. Normally when we move it is to a random place we do not know, a place that is very new to us all, a place that takes weeks to adjust to some type of norm. Normally we get a call about two days (if we are lucky) in advance saying ” show up here tomorrow”. We have to scramble around trying to find some place to put our “home”, and leave behind our norm wherever it is we are coming from. We are on our sixth move in the past two and a half years, and this one is going to be very different to us all.

Today we move our “home” to our home town. The town we both were born in, raised, and hopefully will some day end up and settle in. We still call this our home even though we have not lived here for two years, because this is where we know best, where both our parents are, friends and our whole families. I never planned to move back there for at least another two years so this may seem like a tease, but a good one. My hubby is getting surgery and will not be able to work, so while he is recovering we are going to be living in our hometown for the next “two ish” months (very temporary).

Although we all wish this would be a permanent thing we are going to make the best of these months. Enjoy family and friends. Flourish in our relationships we have missed and just enjoy life and all its obstacles. We are saying BYE to Vacaville, CA. You most likely will not be missed… :/ After these months we will get moved to possibly the last stop before we are done traveling.. how crazy is that?! Always a journey with this crowd, and we are blessed for these next months with lots of time as a family of 4. This means dad gets to do all sorts of fun things with us during the week! yay!



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My FAV hair products right now!

I am someone who LOVES to try all different kinds of beauty products: hair, face, nails, body.. you name it! Just in the past year I have been trying to really take care of my hair, and try to veer away from “cheap” hair products. When I started using amazing product my hair was SO much healthier. I am not a  hair stylist or anything, but I love to share whats working for me  and my hair.






My shampoo and conditioner is something I switch up often. Just like your face I think that this is something that needs to be switched up every now a then. No professional.. but I feel like my hair gets “used” to a product when I use it for too long and it doesn’t give the same effect from when I first started using it. Currently I am using these Wella Products and love them! I try to go about three days in-between washings and my hair has been loving this.



If there was one thing I think is a game changer in my hair routine it is an oil! I am seriously obsessed. I love putting this in after I curl my hair it makes my hair look so much healthier. I have never used a different oil, so I can’t say this is my favorite but it works great. RUN and Buy it guys!! Obviously all of this is a lot to use just on your hair, and anyone not interested in hair products might be looking at all this like I am crazy. haha. BUT it all has played a huge part in to my healthy hair and it really isn’t that much. Like I said I wash my hair about every three days and about once or twice a week I replace my Wella Shampoo for the Shimmer lights to eliminated that brassy tone to my hair. About once a week I use a hair mask. I actually don’t use this specific one, but I couldn’t find the one I use anywhere… and I have been wanting to try this one. I think any mask for your hair can only help to improve the texture of your hair. I have really dry hair as you can see most of these products are really to help moisturize. After I wash my hair I spray its a 10 in it. LOVE this. A little goes a long way with this stuff.

For styling my hair I am a huge fan of my wet brush. This is a definite must have! I use a cheap wand that they no longer sell, so I linked two that are similar to the one I use daily. I don’t use a ton of hair spray but when I do I use the RedKen linked below. Sunday I will be doing a little tutorial via Instagram stories of how I curl my hair in 5 minutes! Stay tuned.. @blakeashlyn



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Month of Beauty must haves!

Happy October you guys!! I really love September because it is my birthday month, but I am SO excited for October. This means cooler weather, comfy clothes, and that much closer to the holidays! This month I am going to be sharing with you guys all the beauty finds. My favorites. My go to’s. My new found must haves. You name it!

As a mama of two wild boys I am sure you can imagine my time for getting ready is LIMITED. 99.9% of the time I have two little ones at my feet stealing make up brushes and making it nearly impossible. All my beauty finds and how I do things make it a little easier for me to throw myself together in the morning.

As much as I love all things beauty.. getting ready is such a drag most days. I’ve found since having kids that getting ready really makes a difference in how my days go. If I don’t get ready I tend to stay home and not get much done (which is okay sometimes.. haha. ) , but If I get ready for the day you betcha’ that to do list gets things crossed off. I think most people feel this way as well. Or maybe I am alone.. who knows! Maybe its just the fact you got ready and that in it self makes you feel accomplished, or maybe it forces you to break into those to do list. My husband and I had this conversation this weekend, because he said all you need to do is brush your teeth and put deodorant on. haha ( sweet of him but no.) I was trying to explain to him that I just feel better on the inside when I get ready for the day, and he thought I was a little crazy but its TRUE! Follow along this month for all my beauty must haves! If you have any must haves feel free to share, I’d love to hear!




Angela Nunnink Photography

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My favorite thing Kanon does!

This little one is catching up with big brother. Trying so hard to play with him and all Dekker’s toys. When Dekker was first starting to stand up he ALWAYS would squat down and play with everything. He had a little “stance” and it was so adorable. He honestly still plays like this sometimes, and every time he does it reminds me of his chubby little legs he has now outgrown. Where the heck does time go guys?! Kanon is now standing up thinking he can walk.. its a little scary. After we hung out with his cousin the other day that just started walking he thinks he can let go of things and walk. haha.Resulting in a few head bonks. But whenever he is playing with toys he sits like this (see photo below), I think it is the cutest thing ever. He has a little “stance” just like big brother did. He will sit like this and just play in his room and I love looking in his door to him sitting like this. He loves chasing balls around the house, and shaking this little lion toy from Hallmark












Hallmark felt ABC book



sponsored by Hallmark


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Fall finds for little boys!!

There is no doubt that shopping for boys is WAY more difficult, but I kind of like that challenge. I am definitely not into character clothing for my kids but thats just me. I love basics, simplicity, and things that can be very versatile with other pieces for my boys. Also fall/winter for little boys is the BEST. Bring on the beanies, jeans, sweatshirts, flannels, and those puffy vests! I can’t get enough! Sharing some favorite finds that I have picked up or just love today from retail shops. Someday I will share small shops because I have some favorites there too.

COTTON ON is one of my favorites for Dekker size. They have a lot of basics and most things are pretty plain. I love going here for pants, and shorts for the boys. Also they have great graphic tees.




ZARA kids.. they have the cutest clothes for boys. I find more stuff in store for Kanon’s size than Dekker, I would say their online shopping is better because they have everything. Everything there is super simple and very trendy.


H&M: A lot of people don’t think of this one, but everything is pretty affordable and SO adorable. They have great jackets for kids I have bought Dekker two winter jackets there before, and adorable pants!



I also LOVE to shop at Gap and Old Navy for the boys for nothing in particular.. they have everything! Everything is linked if you click on the photo. Enjoy!



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These last 7 months I have had so much fun watching these two boys relationship grow. The first month was a little rough. Dekker was definitely unsure… who the heck is this tiny human and why is he getting so much time with mommy, and don’t forget about the endless baby items taking over his room.haha.

Fast forward 7 months and these brothers are besties. They already play together. Kanon knows that the cool toys are always the ones his brother plays with.I realize this will get me into trouble later on. haha. Dekker encourages Kanon and cheers him on during all his new accomplishments. Today Kanon was upset about something and Dekker goes ” Kanon its okay brother, you’re okay” MELT MY HEART KID! He seriously says the sweetest things to him. Dekker chooses to always pray for Kanon before bed, and makes sure he is always not forgotten.

Although this brotherhood just started I can’t wait for more and more of it. Secretly can not wait for Kan to be about 2 and Dekker will be four! They will cause trouble for sure and I will love it(proof that I asked for it.) I am living a dream watching these two be friends really and honestly.Forever grateful.Photography by Angela Nunnink

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My Current Skincare Routine with TULA

I have been sharing a little on my Instagram about a new skin care line I have been LOVING so I wanted to share more with you! As a licensed esthetician I am all about taking care of your skin and using good quality products. A little over a month ago I started using Tula, and I am OBSESSED. My skin feels SO amazing. This is coming from a girl who had been using the same line for the past 4 years.

When it comes to your skin care routine, you want to switch it up about every 3 months. Most people don’t do this, but the reason is is that your skin gets used to the products you are using and it stops working like it did when you first started using it. This could be as simple as switching your cleanser, adding a serum, etc.

Lets back track to a little before I started using TULA. I had lived in southern CA for two years, and was so used to the humid air and my skin had adapted to that. We recently were moved to northern CA for my husbands work, and the move really had an affect on my skin. Normally I have pretty combination skin, and I was dealing with some very dry skin. I finally tried the Probiotic Hydrating Day & Night Creme   I could tell a difference in only three days, so I was 100% sold at this point.


They also just came out with a few new products and I got the Kefir Replenishing Cleansing Oil and I think everyone needs to try a oil based cleanser if you have not!!

My skin care routine I have been loving..DAY AND NIGHT

1.Kefir Replenishing Cleansing Oil

2.Pro Glycolic Resurfacing Gel

3.Probiotic Illuminating Face Serum

4. Probiotic Hydrating Day & Night Cream

Tula has so many great products to off so go check it out on there website at

Get 20% off with code: BLAKER20VIP



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Ten ways to practice self care and love!

My relationships with others has always been a priority to me; family and friends are definitely things that really give me happiness. But what about self care and self love?! Your relationship with your self always needs to be fulfilled in order for you to give to others. It is always so hard for me to take “me time”. My husband works long hours, sometimes nights and weekends so finding the time is limited. When I do get the chance I have a hard time taking it. Sometimes I think I am a little crazy because every mama needs a break sometimes.. I am crazy right?! Every chance I get as a family I just never want to separate because it is SO limited. Lately I have been really trying to do things that make me happy, and in those moments try to not want to rush home every time.. haha. (This is also really important for your spouse as well)

I have been incorporating an exercise daily for myself. This is something that has always been something I enjoy for a little self care. Our bodies deserve to be taken care of, and sometimes I just don’t find the time to do it. Lately I have been doing a 45 minute exercise routine during the boys nap and it has worked out great! I feel better, and even though I am not getting out of the house alone this is still ” me time”.

Pamper yourself! I REALLY enjoy this kind of self care… I mean who wouldn’t?! This is something I always felt like I needed an excuse for. Do I have an event coming up that I need my nails done for? Etc. Now I feel like if this is something I enjoy then I should do it no excuse necessary. Obviously I am not going to get a massage, nails done, hair done, eye lashes, etc weekly, but you get the point. Pampering yourself on the outside really makes you feel good on the inside as well.

Go to the store alone every now and then. Every time my husband is home I always tell him we should all go, and he pushes me to go alone. I should listen to him for often because two kids is no joke at the store.

I unplugged from social media for a few days a while back.. I wrote about it in my blog, but this my friends gives you some major self love and care. It refreshes your mind and we all need this. Social media can be overwhelming, and time consuming.

Self care is essential! These are just a couple things I have done lately, and am trying to get over the hump of never making the time for “me time”.  Below I listed a few things that I want to work on doing and that also can help you take care of your self love habits.

  1. READ an inspiring book! Starting after I write this.. haha.
  2. take a nap
  3. Ask for help if you need it
  4. splurge on something you have been wanting
  5. Eat heathy foods
  6. go to coffee by yourself
  7. Go for a nature walk
  8. Dont compare yourself
  9. Take a bath
  10. Diffuse some essential oils


Angela Nunnink Photography

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Lash Boost!


I started using lash boost about two months ago, and it works people!! I have proof! Long lashes are the hype right now whether people are using serums or getting extensions and let me tell you that this Rodan and Fields boost is a legit product. (Not a consultant)  I have long eyelashes as it is and didn’t really think it would do anything but it has made a noticeable  difference. After only four weeks I could tell a difference. (Below is my before and four week progress)


All you have to do is swipe a little amount over your lash line at night and thats it!! I kept mine in my tooth brush holder, so it was right there at night before bed. If you are on the fence about this boost TRY IT! If you struggle with shorts lashes and want longer TRY IT! (Below is 8 weeks with mascara) Get yours HERE <<


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