A letter to my Baby Boy! On his first birthday!

My sweet sweet Kanon Gane,

I can not believe it’s been a year since I held you for the very first time. Since your delicious chubby cheeks, dark hair, and screaming face arrived. You definitely gave me a scare when I was in labor, but you came out perfect as ever!

The day you were born my heart doubled in size, I did not know it was possible, but it certainly was. You were everything and all my worries washed away the second I saw you. Your brother was so happy to see you, although the first month you were not his favorite. Everyday that goes by your brother gets more and more obsessed with his baby brother.

Your brother has been your biggest supporter and biggest fan. He gets so excited when you learn something new. He loves to help you walk, talk, and cause trouble. When he laughs you instantly light up and crack up together. Sometimes you guys get mad at one another, for stealing each other’s toys… typical siblings of course, but over all your relationship has only gotten stronger and stronger.

You are a smiley little boy. When you smile it lights up the room. Everywhere we go people are always saying hi to you and you LOVE it. I think you are going to be a major flirt.

You love watching everyone around you. I think you enjoy being in big crowds because there is so much to look at, and you are always at ease with busy.

You are determined. You starting taking your first steps at just nine months old. I think that you were trying to catch up with big brother. I don’t blame you though, your big brother wanted to start playing with you from the get go.

You say “Mama” and “dada”. Most of the time when you say “Mama” it’s only when you really need me haha, and “dada” happens very often. Despite you being a major mamas boy. I also think that you try and say dek too, but we’ll get there!

Kanon Gane, I hope that you grow up sweet and kind and have a heart for others. That you grow up knowing Jesus. That even though this world can be cruel you still shine through it. I hope that you are courageous, strong, generous, and patient. That you always see the good in others.

Kanon Gane, I hope that you never loose sight in how very much I love you.





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