Road Trips with kids!

Traveling is our lifestyle, literally. Dekker has gone on countless road trips and Kanons traveling adventures have just begun. I know some people are terrified of road trips with kids, because well it can be exhausting to say the least. I have  definitely learned these passed three years what works and helps us best. Sometimes not every trip is fabulous but you get through it, I promise!


I know this is such a simple one, but this saves me!! You can never have enough snacks, I promise. Of course water as well. I try to not let Dekker drink SO much so that we aren’t stopping every five minutes 😳


I always have a small basket of toys in my car, so this is perfect for road trips. Most of the time Dekker will have the basket in his lap playing with toys. I’ve also gone to dollar spot or dollar store to get a new toy for the trip. There is something about new toys that make it way better. Haha.


Having your kids wear comfy clothes, then maybe they will nap longer. Also having the right shoes I feel like is super important. Making sure your child has slip on shoes so you can easily take them on and off.


We just did two 6 hour trips in a week and didn’t use this, but normally we do. I like to use this as my last weapon in the car haha! Maybe that last hour everyone is just not having it, so you pull it out. I won’t even tell Dekker that I have it ready or tell him later he can watch it because then I won’t be bothered.


Making sure when you stop your kids walk around. Even 30 minutes max outside of the car helps so much.


When we were driving on our last trip I had both the boys in my car while Cody was in his. I can’t tell you how many times I had to reach back and get something for Kanon or Dekker, so it made me think that I really need a go go gadget arm. Right!? I know you mamas feel the same. I think we should all invest in one of those toy claw sticks ( almost like a trash pick up stick). Honestly I might try it.. I’ll let you know 🤷🏼‍♀️





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