It is MOVING time!!

This last week and a half have been a world wind of emotions.. ahhh! Lets back track a bit.. My hubby got surgery in October and has been off work for 3 months, and was officially cleared to go back to work on the 8th of January. This basically means that he gets put on a list for jobs and then we get called when he is placed. That in itself is CRAZY.

BUT a little over a week ago he got a call saying he got a job placement and he would start the 8th, but they needed him to do paperwork before hand. The job was in our hometown and I could not believe it. (We live in a small town) My husband was literally doing cartwheels SO excited. I am going to be honest and say I was in denial that this was actually happening. He talked to his boss and set up everything, and we even went and looked at a house to buy because why not?! :/ Two hours after being told he had this job they called and said they messed up and he is unable to give this job to him. Because the dates of the paperwork were before his release date this was not aloud. Honestly it was a little devastating for us, but there is a reason for this for sure.

Here we are Thursday and we FINALLY found out where we will call home.When I first found out the news my husband called me and said North East Los Angeles and I was like okay I can hang with that. haha. He sent me an address and the only thing on the map that stuck out to me was LANCASTER,CA. His “show up” was a little over 30 minutes away from Lancaster, and let me just say we have been there and done that. That was the one place I could not do again. I started freaking out a little bit thinking that was going to be our only option, but we officially are not going near there. And  after waiting what seemed like forever( only 3 days haha). We will be making Northridge, CA our home.




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