Holiday Traditions!

Christmas is my most FAVORITE time of year. I know typical.. but it really is. I love that my little three year old is learning all about the joy of Christmas. Watching him expierence festive things I think helps get him so excited. I don’t have too many set traditions, but I do love a good tradition and I have one that is my very favorite.

When I was a younger my mom had a tradition of having us all open one gift on Christmas Eve. The night before Christmas every year we would open up matching pajamas. I seriously love this tradition so much. Next year I decided I am going to put a twist on it, because right now my mother in law and mom both do this tradition. Next year on December 1st( hopefully when we get to decorate a tree)  I want to give my boys some new Christmas jammies they get to wear all December. I heard another blogger saying this is what they do, and thought it was SO great to add to our little traditions. Whats better than wearing Christmas pajamas! I always was so anxious waiting for my cozy pajamas, so next year I can’t wait to add this twist to our holiday season.

What is your favorite holiday traditions?! Comment below  I love starting new ones with my boys.


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