Astronaut DIY costume! 2017



I CAN NOT with these mini astronauts! The past two years I was not really into halloween, maybe because Dekker was too young to care but this year I told myself I needed to make it an actual thing. Plus we were going to be in our home town this year so we were able to dress up and trick or treat with cousins which made it so much fun. My next goal is to eventually do a family costume some time in my life. haha. Baby steps people.

These costumes were SO easy and turned out better than I thought.

  1. start out with a white romper/sleeper by Baby Breez
  2. bought all my patches on Amazon
  3. Stitched a few stitches into the patches so that I was able to remove and use the yummy white sleepers again!

DIY jet packs

1.spray pant either 2 liter bottles or normal water bottles matte silver

2. while those are drying cut felt flames out (red, orange, and yellow)

3. glue flames together with hot glue gun

4. cut a square piece of cardboard and glue the bottles on it

5. glue flames on the end of bottles

6. add shoulder straps for them to wear it

Done! And then buy the cutest NASA shoes from Freshly Picked


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