Cozy up for Fall!


My favorite season around here calls for all the snuggles. It is *finally* cooling off and I am loving it. Although I like to be bundled up with my heater on. haha. I love all the activities fall brings but there is nothing like getting cozy on the couch with my boys.

Since both my boys were little they have always been blanket boys. They love a comfy blanket next to their face for comfort. When Dekker was 10 months old Cody and I went on our honeymoon, and my mother in law got Dekker hooked on that. He became attached to one specific blanket, but grew out of liking his “bubba”. I was a little sad he no longer asked me for it, but he is still a sucker for a cozy bubba. I have always brought around different blankets for Kanon and he loves to nuzzle them comfort as well. I mean really who doesn’t?! Especially this time of year.

This fall we are cozied up in our blankets by Saranoni . We LOVE these so much… they do not disappoint. There is no other blanket I would recommend than these, and they have so many options from little cozies to x large adult.. YES you read right. Your dreams of a giant baby blanket are here. Head on over to my Instagram tomorrow for an awesome GIVEAWAY with them! (@blakeashlyn)

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