My FAV hair products right now!

I am someone who LOVES to try all different kinds of beauty products: hair, face, nails, body.. you name it! Just in the past year I have been trying to really take care of my hair, and try to veer away from “cheap” hair products. When I started using amazing product my hair was SO much healthier. I am not a  hair stylist or anything, but I love to share whats working for me  and my hair.






My shampoo and conditioner is something I switch up often. Just like your face I think that this is something that needs to be switched up every now a then. No professional.. but I feel like my hair gets “used” to a product when I use it for too long and it doesn’t give the same effect from when I first started using it. Currently I am using these Wella Products and love them! I try to go about three days in-between washings and my hair has been loving this.



If there was one thing I think is a game changer in my hair routine it is an oil! I am seriously obsessed. I love putting this in after I curl my hair it makes my hair look so much healthier. I have never used a different oil, so I can’t say this is my favorite but it works great. RUN and Buy it guys!! Obviously all of this is a lot to use just on your hair, and anyone not interested in hair products might be looking at all this like I am crazy. haha. BUT it all has played a huge part in to my healthy hair and it really isn’t that much. Like I said I wash my hair about every three days and about once or twice a week I replace my Wella Shampoo for the Shimmer lights to eliminated that brassy tone to my hair. About once a week I use a hair mask. I actually don’t use this specific one, but I couldn’t find the one I use anywhere… and I have been wanting to try this one. I think any mask for your hair can only help to improve the texture of your hair. I have really dry hair as you can see most of these products are really to help moisturize. After I wash my hair I spray its a 10 in it. LOVE this. A little goes a long way with this stuff.

For styling my hair I am a huge fan of my wet brush. This is a definite must have! I use a cheap wand that they no longer sell, so I linked two that are similar to the one I use daily. I don’t use a ton of hair spray but when I do I use the RedKen linked below. Sunday I will be doing a little tutorial via Instagram stories of how I curl my hair in 5 minutes! Stay tuned.. @blakeashlyn



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