Month of Beauty must haves!

Happy October you guys!! I really love September because it is my birthday month, but I am SO excited for October. This means cooler weather, comfy clothes, and that much closer to the holidays! This month I am going to be sharing with you guys all the beauty finds. My favorites. My go to’s. My new found must haves. You name it!

As a mama of two wild boys I am sure you can imagine my time for getting ready is LIMITED. 99.9% of the time I have two little ones at my feet stealing make up brushes and making it nearly impossible. All my beauty finds and how I do things make it a little easier for me to throw myself together in the morning.

As much as I love all things beauty.. getting ready is such a drag most days. I’ve found since having kids that getting ready really makes a difference in how my days go. If I don’t get ready I tend to stay home and not get much done (which is okay sometimes.. haha. ) , but If I get ready for the day you betcha’ that to do list gets things crossed off. I think most people feel this way as well. Or maybe I am alone.. who knows! Maybe its just the fact you got ready and that in it self makes you feel accomplished, or maybe it forces you to break into those to do list. My husband and I had this conversation this weekend, because he said all you need to do is brush your teeth and put deodorant on. haha ( sweet of him but no.) I was trying to explain to him that I just feel better on the inside when I get ready for the day, and he thought I was a little crazy but its TRUE! Follow along this month for all my beauty must haves! If you have any must haves feel free to share, I’d love to hear!




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