My favorite thing Kanon does!

This little one is catching up with big brother. Trying so hard to play with him and all Dekker’s toys. When Dekker was first starting to stand up he ALWAYS would squat down and play with everything. He had a little “stance” and it was so adorable. He honestly still plays like this sometimes, and every time he does it reminds me of his chubby little legs he has now outgrown. Where the heck does time go guys?! Kanon is now standing up thinking he can walk.. its a little scary. After we hung out with his cousin the other day that just started walking he thinks he can let go of things and walk. haha.Resulting in a few head bonks. But whenever he is playing with toys he sits like this (see photo below), I think it is the cutest thing ever. He has a little “stance” just like big brother did. He will sit like this and just play in his room and I love looking in his door to him sitting like this. He loves chasing balls around the house, and shaking this little lion toy from Hallmark












Hallmark felt ABC book



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