These last 7 months I have had so much fun watching these two boys relationship grow. The first month was a little rough. Dekker was definitely unsure… who the heck is this tiny human and why is he getting so much time with mommy, and don’t forget about the endless baby items taking over his room.haha.

Fast forward 7 months and these brothers are besties. They already play together. Kanon knows that the cool toys are always the ones his brother plays with.I realize this will get me into trouble later on. haha. Dekker encourages Kanon and cheers him on during all his new accomplishments. Today Kanon was upset about something and Dekker goes ” Kanon its okay brother, you’re okay” MELT MY HEART KID! He seriously says the sweetest things to him. Dekker chooses to always pray for Kanon before bed, and makes sure he is always not forgotten.

Although this brotherhood just started I can’t wait for more and more of it. Secretly can not wait for Kan to be about 2 and Dekker will be four! They will cause trouble for sure and I will love it(proof that I asked for it.) I am living a dream watching these two be friends really and honestly.Forever grateful.Photography by Angela Nunnink

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