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I’ve chatted a little bit about being this non-realistic SUPER MOM before, and as much as I wish I was that I just am not. I don’t know every answer to everything about parenting, but I always love to share how I do things in hopes to help someone out there. People always ask if things were easier the second time around. In terms of some knowledge I’d say yes, but over all I would say you pretty much start from the bottom again. I say this because every baby is so different, and you have to play the guessing game on whats going to work this time.

Lets talk sleep. sleep. Sleep is super important around here, but if we miss nap time then we suck it up and deal with it. This might sound crazy, but I think our kids feed off the energy we put out there. I am easy going and our lifestyle is all about being flexible with no plans, so I feel like our children most of the time are really well with adjusting. Majority of the time Kanon takes a morning and afternoon nap( about an hour plus each) , and both kids are in bed by 8 pm.(Dekker also takes a 3 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon). I am not saying if you are out and about just let your kids skip naps, but occasionally when we are lets say wanting to see fire works I let my kid stay up late or maybe we had a day at the zoo. Lets just say we don’t let our kids schedules run our lives completely. haha. If nap time is delayed thirty minutes that is OK for us. And if we need to adjust nap time to an hour earlier to make it somewhere in the afternoon, that is OK for us.

Now for our bedtime routine.. kids do need a lot of  consistency in their lives, so we do try and have it there as much as possible. For any first time mamas, or pregnant mamas my key of some really good sleepers is starting on a schedule right away. I can’t explain how important this has been for especially for Kanon. I was a lot more strict with Kanon, because you dont want to have to sleep train later on( which we did with Dekker). Here is how our night time routine goes>>> 1. Baths and/or clean baby with a wipe ( everyone gets a better nap sleep when you’re squeaky clean) 2. Always put your kids in Pjs( We LOVE our > BABYBREEZ <Sleepers for both boys.) 3.Brush teeth( we started this really young with Dekker and he loves to brush his teeth now) 4. diffuse oils ( I am all about some yummy oils diffusing during night time to help my kids sleep) 5. Wrap Kanon in swaddle ( I forced this kid to like a good swaddle haha) 6. Feed/ burp (Kanon) 7. Lay Kanon in bed awake 8. Read book with Dekker



Sleeper by BabyBreez

Photography by Angela Nunnink Photography





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