life has been one big adventure

We spent the last week unpacking and settling in Vacaville only to find out we would not be calling that home. A few empty promises and it did not work out exactly how we had expected. This life is so wild, and right now it is REALLY wild. We are missing a huge factor on where the heck do we park our home?!  I talked on my Instagram about the feelings during moving and all the changes that go with it. The stresses are at a all time HIGH over here. We have stuff all over the place. Piles of laundry in both of our parents houses. Hoping around from house to house. Sleep schedules on wack.  My car even looks like I live in it currently. We are ready to get to the place we will call home.

We have been searching for *that* place, and for now we are headed to Auburn, CA. We will be bouncing around a lot more than usual, which could be pretty fun but also crazy..haha. Mu husband will be commuting A LOT. But honestly  this is kind of how I imagined things would be when we first started traveling, but we have been lucky to have been able to stay in three places for such a “long” time.  Here goes nothing.. more traveling, and a lot more adventures ahead for this family of four.

We are still SO blessed and happy to be by family; Auburn now only being a 30 minute drive from our parents. This is very temporary, but we are excited and ready to take this all on. Wish us luck!!



Photography by Angela Nunnink Photography

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