I always like sharing what is making my life easier with two(kids) these days, and as difficult as it may be; getting out more often helps so much. This big guy is an explorer. We have to let him run out that energy.. and boy OH boy come 5 pm and he is a loony if he didn’t have a busy day. This morning we went to Seal Beach and enjoyed some much needed walking around just the four of us. Morning Beach walks are my all time FAVORITE!! 65 degree weather with a little mist is heaven. These are the types of things I love about traveling around. We came from the mountains have done are fair share of time in the desert, and now to have the beach a quick ten minutes away.

Now lets talk about this crazy 2 year old… he is officially in the stage of wanting to pick out his clothes. AHHH.  Last night he ended up with some yellow leggings and green shorts over the top. haha. You win some you loose some peeps. Not only does he want to pick his own clothes out, but if you put clothes on him that he isn’t diggin’ YOU are in trouble. This romper from RAD REVOLUTION KIDS has been a favorite for him. He may have worn it already twice this week… It’s only Tuesday. He says its comfy, and trust me if they had it in my size I would be ordering it. Also They have the cutest little swimmers for boys, swaddles, and more. Go check it out, so soft and great quality. We are IN LOVE.

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