4 Months Old!!

BABY BOY IS FOUR MONTHS OLD! Once again I can not believe it. Now to the updates and the cool things happening with this big bad  four month old. He is all smiles. I mean look at that big smile below.  He is SO curious about his big brother and everything he does. I think his favorite thing is to just watch Dekker play, he is so content when this is going on. He officially can roll over now. yay! Hitting those milestones over here. Dekker loves to help him roll over during tummy time its pretty cute.  Kanon showered us with his first few giggles, there is nothing better than hearing that for the first time. First time was giggling at Mimi (my MIL) apparently she is pretty silly. He still sleeps almost twelve hours every night. Baby boy loves his blankets so much. He will be upset and you put the blanket up to his cheek and he is happy as can be. We are struggling with tummy issues, which is so sad. He is one gassy? pukey? baby. haha. He has discovered those little hands of his and is a slobber monster already. This month he went on his first train ride. Pretty exciting for a baby, but the rest of us had fun. On to the next month of your life baby boy. To start this month off we are headed on his first plane!!




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