How do we do it?!

I get asked ALL the time, ” how do you do it?! I could never do that”. If you’ve followed me for a while you know that for the past TWO years my family has been traveling around California in a renovated fifth wheel trailer. We have moved three times so far, which is not as much as I had expected but it is still a lot for the average person.

I would like to say I love traveling and this lifestyle, but things are definitely not always easy. There are days when I may have melt downs, because I want to be by family or because there is more clutter than I would like.(Living in a small space gets messy very easily) There are days when I want to buy all the home decor in the world. There are days when I want to sell it all, and buy a house. Small quarters with FOUR people, less storage for clothes, toys, food, and definitely space. So how do I do it?! My answer to this is pretty simple. We do this to be a family. So my kids and I can see my hubby and their dad every night. So that I can fulfill  my dream job of being a stay at home mom, and my husband gets to work in the field he loves. We get to spend weekends together going to the beach, exploring new towns, and living our lives TOGETHER. All of the cons to living in a small space are no where near to the pros. We get rid of things often when they are no longer needed, we have to meal plan to fit all the food, and living in tight quarters forces us to explore and get out more.

Although this is temporary, and this chapter in our lives will end in a about a year and a half; we will be ready and happy for our next step in our adventure.  Our days of no dish washer, no privacy , and very small kitchens will be over. Until then everything we need is all right here in this 35 foot trailer.


Photography by Megan Genovese

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  1. Beautiful photo. I always dreamed of owning a trailer and living in one. I am a family of 6 and I know we would be pulling each others hair out. Bet you have visited some lovely places?

    1. Thank you! We want to pull out each other’s hair sometimes too haha, but we make it work! ♥️

  2. Excellent! Family is enough reason and motivation to accomplish anything, isn’t it.
    Tiny living is such an admiration of mine!

  3. I love your story, and am so stoked that you get to travel around. It is a dream of mine as well to be able to do this! If you would ever like to be featured on my site as a guest post, I would love it!

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