Dekker is two and a half!!!! ahh!

This year mother’s day happened to fall on Dekker’s 2  1/2 year  “birthday”. This boy made me a mama, and boy does he have my heart. Two and a half year olds can be such a pain in the booty, but they are SOOO cute I can’t take it. ugh. I am obsessed with his little voice learning new things, and his goofy personality. In the past three months Dekker has had two elbows out of socket.. pray for us that this doesn’t happen again. I think I said that last time, but hey the more prayers the better. This last time happened when we were in Las Vegas.. all of about two hours in!! I knew instantly when it happened because he had the same reaction.. poor guy! After FACETIMING an ER doc, and having a friend who was going to nursing school help us it was good as new. In his words “It working! It working!! Look! It working”, as he waved his little hand. So as you can tell life with Dekker is an ADVENTURE!!  He is a lover of all things; ninja turtles, robots, planes, and trains. He loves going to the aquarium, and the park. His favorite foods are broccoli, Mac n cheese, pb&js, quesadillas, and chicken. We are on week two of potty training and it is going much better than expected. YAY!

Dekker’s biggest achievment in the last six months has been becoming a BIG BROTHER! How on earth did I get so lucky with these two. Adjusting was tough, but these two little boys are everything to me!! When Dekker isn’t purposely throwing toys at his brother, or trying to lay on him( basically giving me a heart attack on the daily) he can be a sweetie pie to baby brother. He is always concerned when Kanon is crying, and tells me to help his brother. haha. Every morning he wants to hold baby brother and kiss his little forehead. The moments where he is so tender and sweet to Kanon kill me!! The sweetness does happen often, but there are times where I just have to keep them apart. haha. This may be a little snippet of my future guys!!

There is so much to learn little one, and I am so eager to see what these next six months bring! How can he possibly be so big!!!



Photo by: Megan Genovese

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