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As you know our family is on the go A LOT. Recently the boys and I took a trip to Vegas to go meet family for my cousins 21st birthday. I forgot how much stuff you have to pack with a baby :O You really have to be ready for anything, there are always the unexpected sickness’, the blow outs, and of course the endless spitting up when it comes to Kanon. On our trip my family members had been helping me with the boys and I forgot to check when we went out to breakfast if the diaper bag was still full. You betcha’ it wasn’t… Dekker may have had to squeeze into his little cousins diaper for a few hours. Being unprepared is SO stressful. Any first time mamas out there… go everywhere with diaper bag loaded, and double check every time you leave the house haha. Two things that I always have on me our these two products from Nuby.

First are these all natural  pacifier wipes. I have a binky boy over here, and it is always dropping on the floor when we are on the go. These are perfect to keep in your bag. They come with 48 vanilla milk flavored wipes available at baby depot at Burlington or Kmart.

Last thing is my FAVORITE baby product I own you guys!!

It’s the breathe-eez portable nasal aspirator, immediate and effective relief from nasal congestion. I can’t say enough good things about this honestly. Kanon is sick right now, and it has saved the poor little guy. You control the suction( which may gross you out), but it works SO well. If baby is happy than mama is happy right?! Also I love this one because it comes in a small case for easy travel, so I always leave it in my diaper bag just in case. Even better its available at Amazon.. go get it!!!



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