Super Mama

Why is my first baby so big and old :O Almost two and a half years ago this little boy made me a mama. I was so worried about making the right choices as a mom for him. How could I be that “perfect” mom, and what did that even entitle. I was always very easy going, but it did not beat the fact that I truly wanted to be a good mama. I was young, and didn’t get a hand book on all the “right” things to do.haha. Wouldn’t that be nice?! Being a first time mom is TOUGH… in more ways than one, but I am not talking about the sleepless nights or the temper tantrums. The idea that other people put in your heads. The judging that goes on if you do things differently than others. Co-sleeping is the way to go, sleep train your babies and never let them in your bed, pacifiers are life savers, do not let your baby get in the habit of being soothed by a pacifier, make your babies food, puree those pees yourself is not necessary. You guys, the list could go on for DAYS. This is where it can get so overhwhelming, and it never really goes away even when you have a toddler. Use positivity when punishing your toddler, punish them with time outs, never let them skip a nap, quiet time is nap time, no screen time, 30 minute screen time is okay. Non of these things are going to make you super mom. Lets be honest we are all super mamas, and our little ones could agree. My point being is do your thing, and do not let another mom bring you down. More encouraging to be the best we can be, and not worrying if someone else parents differently than you.

And I am not going to feel bad if my kid wants to wear his pjs all day.. ill join him 😀 Especially when they are these buttery soft organic cotton and eco safe pajamas. You can find these and much more adorable baby clothes, untreated wood rattlers, and wooden play gyms over at FINN and EMMA .


Happy Tuesday!!! I challenge you all to go to that mama that has helped encourage you as a mom, and tell them how much you appreciate them!






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  1. Blake, you are a rockstar mom and your words couldn’t speak more truth! Your boys look happy and healthy, so in my opinion you are doing just fine! When I feel overwhelmed with judgement from others I just remind myself “You do you boo.” ….. Or the good Ol’ “bitches get stitches” Haha (kidding of course) Xoxo

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