I remember like it was yesterday when my husband and I found out I was pregnant with our sweet little Kanon. We were living in Lancaster, and we had previously talked about baby #2 but decided that even though we both had major baby fever that we wanted to wait. Fast forward two months later after multiple people coming to me telling me they had dreams I was pregnant and me telling them they were crazy; I went to the gynecologist to change my birth control ( yes I was on birth control) and found out I was in fact pregnant. After writing out a million texts to my husband and then deleting them before sending I decided to wait until he got home from work to tell him. I found an old amazon box and put the test and a little note saying ” I can’t wait to meet you daddy” in the box. I told him he got something from Amazon and he was so confused looking at this already opened amazon box. haha( I guess I could have put more effort into taping it back up, but I thought it was funny). Looking back on that stressful and exciting night, oh my gosh, I would not have wanted it to go any other way. We are soaking up these first few weeks with this little nugget and his big brother. Life with Kanon is an adventure, it is crazy, and so so sweet. We got blessed with a very mellow baby, thank goodness. He sleeps at night already with only waking up twice to eat and I LOVE him for that right now. haha. He grunts like crazy. ( so did Dekker Drew). He loves to be swaddled at night. Kanon is a traveling trooper, but definitely likes to be held. We could not imagine life with out this sweet boy.

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