I know everyone always says that when their babies become a year older they just can’t believe it, but really I CAN NOT! Once I have baby #2 I am sure it will seem more real that I have a two year old, but until then it is just so crazy to me. A TWO year old!!! He is such a big boy. He is definitely always on the go, but in all the right moments this one is such a sweetheart. He still snuggles with me daily, and always makes sure to give his mama hugs and kisses. And with that said, a second later he is all about playing ninja turtles, running around and always wanting to go on a walk, and of course making a big mess of everything! He is particular about pretty much everything and I find it so funny because his dad is definitely this way too. We have a book in that we write in about whats going on with Dekker, but I always like to write on here as well. And honestly I write on here WAY more than in his book.. I really need to write in that more often. haha. So this morning he decided to climb in his dresser drawer and get baby Vicks vapor rub and paint my walls.. it was lovely! Sometimes you just laugh at this moments though and I love my crazy boy. Happy number 2 Dekker Drew, we love you!

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