So I remember when we first started Dekker on brushing his teeth, and he did not necessarily love it, but he has grown to loving it. This makes it SO much easier for Cody and I, so we don’t have a screaming melt down to deal with every time. I know as a kid it was not necessarily my favorite thing to do, but it has to be done. Those dental bills can creep up on you really fast. haha. And since Dekker’s initials are DDS and my grandfather was a Dentist, people always joke about him being a Dentist when he is older. What really made things easier for us was having our tooth brush out as well, and we would brush with him. I always brush his first and then let him do it on his own, because every toddler wants to do everything on there own. I sit him on the counter which works for us, and let him put his tooth brush in the water and in his mouth. It is pretty cute to watch too 🙂  We received this oral care set just recently from #Nuby, but I so wish we would have had it when he was younger because of all the four stages. He loves to try every stage out even now and it is the perfect size for him. I am doing a giveaway over on my instagram: blakeashlyn Check it out!
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