Baby #2

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We are so excited to announce a new little one joining our family in February. Surprised, but a very good and exciting surprise. I mean what is better than a baby?!? Dekker was a surprise as well, and I think that is just fine. God wouldn’t hand us anything we couldn’t tackle. I think people think we are a little off our rockers being that we are still going to be living in our trailer with not only one kid, but  now two. But we aren’t going to let this alter our plans, and I think it is going to be even better! Bring on the challenges! I also have been getting so many questions about if I prefer a boy or girl. Truthfully, I LOVE being a #boymom so to have another boy would be just perfect, but also I would LOVE dressing up a little girl, so with that said I want whatever I get.  My due date is February 5th, and Dekker and the new one will be two years and three months apart.. so perfect! February come sooner please.

Xo The Line Bride.

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