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In July of last year I decided to leave my day to day job, and go live in a 32 foot trailer on the road for my husbands job. Because I knew it was not forever it made adventuring out easier for me. As for my job I was a little sad to be leaving what I was recently passionate about, skincare! Working as an esthetician was so FUN, and eventually I am sure I’ll get back into, but for now  family calls! Anyways back to what I am passionate about, skin care! Having a set regimen is very important if you want to keep your skin feeling hydrated, and fresh. I am not sure who wouldn’t want some flawless skin, but hey yeah never know. Before I went to esthetician school I didn’t wear sunscreen regularly, I slept with my makeup on more than not, and I cleansed my face and thats about it. Ahh!! I wish I did not do that to my skin!! I want to share with you guys my DAILY skin care regimen right now for spring. As the seasons change so does your skin, so I am always switching things up. But for now I am using a line call LIRA CLINICAL… kind of like heaven in a bottle!

EVERY day and night!

  1. Cleanse face with PRO Exfoliating Cleanser this is going to help brighten skin and help with anti-aging.
  2. HYDRA C Serum with PSC: refreshing your skin and keeping it hydrated
  3. MYSTIQ perfecting Eye Creme with PSC
  4. MYSTIQ Iluminating beauty oil : By far my favorite game changer for making my face look dewy and hydrated.
  5. BIO Caviar Creme with PSC: Absolute favorite moisturizer!
  6. Solar Shield 30 Oil free with PSC

Each step you can hover over and it will link you to that product, and you can read up on all the wonderful things in these products. Also if you want to order any of these products or others on the LIRA website.. email me at



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