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As months pass I am just in awe of how big my little baby gets. A year and a half and I just can not believe it. He is such a little boy these days, and I LOVE this stage so much. I mean yes he sure has a little attitude, but hey this stage is SO fun. Each stage definitely has its own perks, but I love hearing him learn new words on the daily. And I mean daily.. This kid is chatty! If you are talking he will make sure he is talking louder than you. haha. As much as this boy is chatty with an attitude he is a love bug. Whats better than a lovey little boy?! He has always been a snuggler and things have not changed, so I am soaking that all in. He is also very much a dare devil.. I guess since his dad climbs towers all day he was bound to have it in him. This kid has no fear, at times it is a little frightening. haha. If there is something to climb up on, you bet that he is up on it. Dekker has a total of sixteen teeth. His word count changes on the daily. He loves every kind of food, and eats about two breakfasts’, a snack, lunch, three snacks before dinner, dinner,occasionally a treat, and milk twice a day if you can fit it in-between all that. haha. He loves helping me around the house, which is such a cool thing to watch, as well as every night helping dad take his boots off. He continues to be obsessed with cats, planes, trucks, cars, tools, dirt, and water! Sounds like a boy I know haha! Total typical boy over here. Everyday this little one reminds me of just why being a mom is so great even in the moments of frustration. Those moments open me up to new obstacles, and make me grow not only as a mom but a person. I love being his mommy. Happy half birthday to the boy that made my life a whole lot brighter.

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