Our First Move

blog moveThis family of three has had a lot of things going on. Two weeks ago Cody got “laid off” from his job in Los Angeles, so we waited around for a call to find out where we were headed next. We got a call the following Tuesday that we would be making a not so big move to Lancaster, CA. Only an hour away from where we were.. not going to lie I was kind of bummed that we weren’t going to be closer to our home town, but the day will come. Right?!? They gave Cody almost a week off to get things together so that he could start his new job on Monday (two days ago), so instead of getting things together we took a road trip. We drove up to our home town, Grass Valley, CA. It was a  much needed quick trip for all of us! Fresh air! We could finally breath again. 🙂 Cody got to see his buddies, and Dekker got to spend some time with his Mimi. On Sunday, Cody’s aunt and uncle helped us move our trailer… lets just say the day was exhausting! Our trailer tire blew… and that was just the beginning. We are now all settled in here in Lancaster. It may not be my favorite place(already), but I am thankful Cody is liking his job and there is a lot less traffic. YAY!





Photography by sweet sis in law:  http://www.kelseylaurenphoto.com

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