This weekend I had family come to visit, and it is always so nice to see some familiar faces around here. I had SO much fun being  a tourist with them. We enjoyed Santa Monica all day shopping, and then Sunday went to Zuma Beach in Malibu for a day of relaxation. Although the relaxation turned into Cody forcing me in the water, and Dekker covered in sand from head to toe. My little munch has no fear when it comes to the ocean unlike is mama. He is so obsessed with the sand and the water it is too cute. Dekker got company in his little room as they were troopers and slept on the bunk beds in our little home. My home is starting to really feel like home which I LOVE. They brought a bunch of our stuff that was still in our home town. HOORAY for no more plastic forks! Enjoy some favorites from this weekend in Los Angeles… & those cute little “teethers” down below. My baby is growing too fast 🙁IMG_1100IMG_1103IMG_1045IMG_1102IMG_1093

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