Thirty-Nine days ago I got spend a very special day celebrating our love with friends and family. Cody and I met in high school, but did not date till later on. When we first starting hanging out I remember telling my parents that he was just a friend. My mom and step-dad thought I was crazy… a friend that comes over every day?!? As our friendship grew we quickly became inseparable. Although long distance did come into place a few times as I moved to San Diego for school, and Cody moved to New Zealand, we still managed to keep our connection. After four long years of getting to know this handsome man I got to marry him. The day was nothing short of magical, dreamy, and just perfect. As you can see in the amazing few pictures I have chosen to share. Marriage is something special to the both of us, and we are exactly where we want to be right now. This past week I bought something on Cody’s debit card, and he was right next to me while I purchased it. A couple days later at work he is on a lunch break looking through his bank statements, and see’s this odd purchase that he did not make. He immediately calls the bank and files a fraud( yes against his wife), and cancels all his cards. After canceling the cards he says to the banker,” You know what, I think this was my wife…” OOPS. Haha.

Enjoy our amazing photos by Kayla Lilli Photography

And Hair and Makeup by Angela Nunnink hair and makeup artistry

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