PMD kiss

The PMD kiss is a new product that PMD came out with used for anti-aging and lip plumping. It initially will give your lips a plump look and a vibrant lip color, but over time you will see less wrinkles and lines in your lips. Who else runs at anything that is anti-aging?! This is something I especially use when going to an event or photoshoot. The more you use it the better results over time you are going to get.

I especially like the look this gives if I am going to be wearing lipstick. The look is natural, but you can definitely tell a difference.

The PMD uses pulsating vacuum technology. The kiss pulses on the lip with two different sizes and two different speeds. You can play around with the sizes and speeds to figure out what is best for your lips.


Check out the PMD kiss at PMD Beauty

Photography by Angela Nunnink Photography

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It is MOVING time!!

This last week and a half have been a world wind of emotions.. ahhh! Lets back track a bit.. My hubby got surgery in October and has been off work for 3 months, and was officially cleared to go back to work on the 8th of January. This basically means that he gets put on a list for jobs and then we get called when he is placed. That in itself is CRAZY.

BUT a little over a week ago he got a call saying he got a job placement and he would start the 8th, but they needed him to do paperwork before hand. The job was in our hometown and I could not believe it. (We live in a small town) My husband was literally doing cartwheels SO excited. I am going to be honest and say I was in denial that this was actually happening. He talked to his boss and set up everything, and we even went and looked at a house to buy because why not?! :/ Two hours after being told he had this job they called and said they messed up and he is unable to give this job to him. Because the dates of the paperwork were before his release date this was not aloud. Honestly it was a little devastating for us, but there is a reason for this for sure.

Here we are Thursday and we FINALLY found out where we will call home.When I first found out the news my husband called me and said North East Los Angeles and I was like okay I can hang with that. haha. He sent me an address and the only thing on the map that stuck out to me was LANCASTER,CA. His “show up” was a little over 30 minutes away from Lancaster, and let me just say we have been there and done that. That was the one place I could not do again. I started freaking out a little bit thinking that was going to be our only option, but we officially are not going near there. And  after waiting what seemed like forever( only 3 days haha). We will be making Northridge, CA our home.




Angela Nunnink Photography

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New Years Resolutions and Family update!

New Year folks! I love that New Years provides you with this fresh start. The desire to really push to be your best self, and hope that you can make whatever it may be happen. I am not huge on resolutions, but I think it pushes people that really crave a new beginning for something and I love that. Everyone deserves chances, creativness, and goals and for some reason the new year seems like the perfect start to EVERYTHING. I’ve been the one to make resolutions and not fulfill them and hey! That’s okay! Get back up and start again! No shame peeps. I have a few goals that I want to really focus on this year, so I am going to give it a go.

Be more present! I say this as a blogger, Mama, and wife. When I am with family to really focus on my quality time and enjoy it. I’ll admit I get wrapped up in my phone a lot, and I really am wanting to unplug a bit at times. Be more present in my conversations, relationships, and connecting with all of you as well. Along with being present I also mean it in the sense to try and not worry about the future. Be in the now.


Focus on my family! 

This kind of goes hand in hand with being present for me. What matters to me most is my three boys( Hubby is apart of this) . We live a crazy lifestyle, so I want to focus on them and being together. Spending quality time with the hubby to flourish our relationship, and always making sure my boys get some one on one time as well.



Be who I want to be! This is a big for me when it comes to a lot of views in my life. I really want to focus on not worrying about being judged, and just focus on what I love and who I am. Not caring about if someone won’t like something, or if they do things differently. I am who I am and that’s a blessing ❤️


Read more! I think this is one of my goals every year… I love to read blogs, watch YouTube videos, but I want to take time to really dive into a good paper back.



Food and Fitness! 

I am sure this is the #1 New Years resolution and I think that’s awesome. So many people are really wanting to make healthier choices, and that is exactly what I want. We don’t eat bad by any means, but I love myself a good Dr. Pepper and sweets. All the sweets. As far as fitness goes, I want to be more active and hopefully when we move get a new gym membership 🙌🏻👍🏻 This will help me gets some “me time” as well, and as a Mama of two you know I need that!



My husband has officially been signed off to start work on the 8th of January from his surgery. He has been recovering for almost three months now, and we are ready to get back into the groove of things. Now his company he worked for in Vacaville,CA prior to surgery did “lay him off” ( so confusing), so he will be put back on the “books”( basically a list) starting Monday. They never tell us where we are going until about one to three days in advance of his start date. As of right now we are still in our home town enjoying family, until next week we will most likely be MOVING and off on our next adventure.





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Trunk Club #2



Second Trunk Club box and I am obsessed with this service. Free styling fee for anyone with a Nordstrom Card, so if you don’t like anything you get than you can send it all back. Below is everything I received in my trunk this week. xxo

Link to try Trunk Club >>HERE!! <<




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Trying on my first trunk club!

 Who else struggles with breaking out of your confront zone with shopping besides this girl!! Also trunk club is a time saver! Everything I’m wearing is from my trunk club which is a subscription clothing box from Nordstrom(my fav).

When you’re a cardholder with nordstrom( debit or credit) you have no styling fee which is AMAZING! I would never think to pick up some of the items I got and I loved them on. It gets sent straight to your door, and you get to try everything on in the comfort of your home. Go to my Instagram to check out everything I got.

check it out here>> 


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Holiday Traditions!

Christmas is my most FAVORITE time of year. I know typical.. but it really is. I love that my little three year old is learning all about the joy of Christmas. Watching him expierence festive things I think helps get him so excited. I don’t have too many set traditions, but I do love a good tradition and I have one that is my very favorite.

When I was a younger my mom had a tradition of having us all open one gift on Christmas Eve. The night before Christmas every year we would open up matching pajamas. I seriously love this tradition so much. Next year I decided I am going to put a twist on it, because right now my mother in law and mom both do this tradition. Next year on December 1st( hopefully when we get to decorate a tree)  I want to give my boys some new Christmas jammies they get to wear all December. I heard another blogger saying this is what they do, and thought it was SO great to add to our little traditions. Whats better than wearing Christmas pajamas! I always was so anxious waiting for my cozy pajamas, so next year I can’t wait to add this twist to our holiday season.

What is your favorite holiday traditions?! Comment below  I love starting new ones with my boys.


Angela Nunnink Photography

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Dressing up with Little Adventures!

Happy Tuesday!! Now that we are all deep into the Christmas shopping. I get so stressed during Black Friday, cyber Monday, and then all the days they throw in between with good deals haha. This year was one of the first times really getting a lot of things ordered during the sales. I am here to throw another deal out at you and an amazing gift.  I am pretty certain most kids like to dress up and get into character, I know my toddler is OBSESSED with costumes. I love seeing his little imagination come out when he gets into character. If Dekker could live in his costumes he most definitely would. We were introduced to Little Adventures WASHABLE dress ups and costumes. You guys.. washable is SO key around my house. We are loving these, and I have a coupon code for 15% off.. go check them out! Perfect gift to give that sweet kid in your life, or throw in if you need an extra for your own babes. Use code BLAKEA15% at check out!

ENJOY! they also have the cutest chair aprons for the perfect little work station if you don’t have a lot of room in your house… ME ME ME! 🙂




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Gift Guide for Her!!


My most favorite time of year is coming up quick, and I LOVE to look at gift guides. This was my most wanted gift guide, so here ya go! I may be adding things to my gift guides until we reach Christmas if I find some great finds that I need to share. I hope this helps anyone looking for their mamas, friends, or maybe your wife! xo.

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I officially have a three year old!!


On November 13th 2014 at 8 AM I walked in to the hospital that both my husband and I were born in ready to get induced and meet my baby boy. At this time we still had no idea what we were going to name him, or how much this tiny little boy was going to change our lives. After a day of my induction process moving very slowly I finally met my baby boy, Dekker Drew, on November 14th at 4:29 pm.

This boy is one of a kind, my everything, and as he just started saying his best friend. Every year gets a little more special with him. Year three he has blossomed soo much, and became a big brother and boy oh boy is that my favorite to watch. He is sweet and kind. He is confident and a little social butterfly. He is everything to me. Happy Birthday, I love being your mama Dekker Drew Smith

We celebrated your third birthday this weekend surrounded by family and friends.. dinosaur style. Your favorite things to play with are dinosaurs, swords, ninja turtles, and your brother. You love talking to everyone, dancing, and playing with your cousins. You can’t get enough of fruit snacks, bars, eggs, broccoli, noodles, pizza, and BURGERS.



Wreaths by Amy at HEX

Angela Nunnink Photography

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