These last 7 months I have had so much fun watching these two boys relationship grow. The first month was a little rough. Dekker was definitely unsure… who the heck is this tiny human and why is he getting so much time with mommy, and don’t forget about the endless baby items taking over his room.haha.

Fast forward 7 months and these brothers are besties. They already play together. Kanon knows that the cool toys are always the ones his brother plays with.I realize this will get me into trouble later on. haha. Dekker encourages Kanon and cheers him on during all his new accomplishments. Today Kanon was upset about something and Dekker goes ” Kanon its okay brother, you’re okay” MELT MY HEART KID! He seriously says the sweetest things to him. Dekker chooses to always pray for Kanon before bed, and makes sure he is always not forgotten.

Although this brotherhood just started I can’t wait for more and more of it. Secretly can not wait for Kan to be about 2 and Dekker will be four! They will cause trouble for sure and I will love it(proof that I asked for it.) I am living a dream watching these two be friends really and honestly.Forever grateful.Photography by Angela Nunnink

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My Current Skincare Routine with TULA

I have been sharing a little on my Instagram about a new skin care line I have been LOVING so I wanted to share more with you! As a licensed esthetician I am all about taking care of your skin and using good quality products. A little over a month ago I started using Tula, and I am OBSESSED. My skin feels SO amazing. This is coming from a girl who had been using the same line for the past 4 years.

When it comes to your skin care routine, you want to switch it up about every 3 months. Most people don’t do this, but the reason is is that your skin gets used to the products you are using and it stops working like it did when you first started using it. This could be as simple as switching your cleanser, adding a serum, etc.

Lets back track to a little before I started using TULA. I had lived in southern CA for two years, and was so used to the humid air and my skin had adapted to that. We recently were moved to northern CA for my husbands work, and the move really had an affect on my skin. Normally I have pretty combination skin, and I was dealing with some very dry skin. I finally tried the Probiotic Hydrating Day & Night Creme   I could tell a difference in only three days, so I was 100% sold at this point.


They also just came out with a few new products and I got the Kefir Replenishing Cleansing Oil and I think everyone needs to try a oil based cleanser if you have not!!

My skin care routine I have been loving..DAY AND NIGHT

1.Kefir Replenishing Cleansing Oil

2.Pro Glycolic Resurfacing Gel

3.Probiotic Illuminating Face Serum

4. Probiotic Hydrating Day & Night Cream

Tula has so many great products to off so go check it out on there website at

Get 20% off with code: BLAKER20VIP



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Ten ways to practice self care and love!

My relationships with others has always been a priority to me; family and friends are definitely things that really give me happiness. But what about self care and self love?! Your relationship with your self always needs to be fulfilled in order for you to give to others. It is always so hard for me to take “me time”. My husband works long hours, sometimes nights and weekends so finding the time is limited. When I do get the chance I have a hard time taking it. Sometimes I think I am a little crazy because every mama needs a break sometimes.. I am crazy right?! Every chance I get as a family I just never want to separate because it is SO limited. Lately I have been really trying to do things that make me happy, and in those moments try to not want to rush home every time.. haha. (This is also really important for your spouse as well)

I have been incorporating an exercise daily for myself. This is something that has always been something I enjoy for a little self care. Our bodies deserve to be taken care of, and sometimes I just don’t find the time to do it. Lately I have been doing a 45 minute exercise routine during the boys nap and it has worked out great! I feel better, and even though I am not getting out of the house alone this is still ” me time”.

Pamper yourself! I REALLY enjoy this kind of self care… I mean who wouldn’t?! This is something I always felt like I needed an excuse for. Do I have an event coming up that I need my nails done for? Etc. Now I feel like if this is something I enjoy then I should do it no excuse necessary. Obviously I am not going to get a massage, nails done, hair done, eye lashes, etc weekly, but you get the point. Pampering yourself on the outside really makes you feel good on the inside as well.

Go to the store alone every now and then. Every time my husband is home I always tell him we should all go, and he pushes me to go alone. I should listen to him for often because two kids is no joke at the store.

I unplugged from social media for a few days a while back.. I wrote about it in my blog, but this my friends gives you some major self love and care. It refreshes your mind and we all need this. Social media can be overwhelming, and time consuming.

Self care is essential! These are just a couple things I have done lately, and am trying to get over the hump of never making the time for “me time”.  Below I listed a few things that I want to work on doing and that also can help you take care of your self love habits.

  1. READ an inspiring book! Starting after I write this.. haha.
  2. take a nap
  3. Ask for help if you need it
  4. splurge on something you have been wanting
  5. Eat heathy foods
  6. go to coffee by yourself
  7. Go for a nature walk
  8. Dont compare yourself
  9. Take a bath
  10. Diffuse some essential oils


Angela Nunnink Photography

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Lash Boost!


I started using lash boost about two months ago, and it works people!! I have proof! Long lashes are the hype right now whether people are using serums or getting extensions and let me tell you that this Rodan and Fields boost is a legit product. (Not a consultant)  I have long eyelashes as it is and didn’t really think it would do anything but it has made a noticeable  difference. After only four weeks I could tell a difference. (Below is my before and four week progress)


All you have to do is swipe a little amount over your lash line at night and thats it!! I kept mine in my tooth brush holder, so it was right there at night before bed. If you are on the fence about this boost TRY IT! If you struggle with shorts lashes and want longer TRY IT! (Below is 8 weeks with mascara) Get yours HERE <<


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Boy boy is 6 months old

I really do feel like I still have a newborn. haha. How can he already be 6 months old?! I am a little late, but I thought I would share whats going on in Kanon’s little life. He is SOO smiley. Everyone he meets you can bet he has a huge grin on his face for them. Which is the cutest thing ever!!! He is already crawling (slowly), but a mad arm crawler and “scooter”. He discovered his tongue, which results in a drooly baby, along with teething which we have also started. Poor baby. Dekker had about one night where he was in a lot of pain, so this constant teething issue Kanon is having is so foreign. We got an amber necklace yesterday, so lets hope that works for us! Kanon had his 6 month check up and was a whole 14 pounds. haha. Little man!!! He is in the 6th percentile, which I am going to be honest I didn’t even realize that was a thing. He is healthy as can be, just long and skinny! He had his first “camping” trip in a cabin, and he was easy peasy! Very easy going, thank goodness! He wakes up once a night( a recent thing), but hey the boys hungry! We are going to be switching him into his crib soon, which is actually a twin size, so wish us luck!( it is inclosed dont you worry) Can not believe my baby is getting so old 🙁

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Unplugged camping trip

Have you ever truthfully UNPLUGGED?! Before this trip I can honestly say I had not for more than two nights since I was in high school. How terrible is that :O I remember this time so vividly, and as I was getting ready to go on this current trip my aunt reminded me of it. I was a sophomore in high school and my parents were taking me for two nights to a cabin with no cell reception, I almost cried; ashamed to say this but I’m completely serious. 15 years old and my world seemed like it was crashing in when my parents told me I wouln’t be able to send ANY TEXT MESSAGES. How awful of them right?! I obviously am laughing now thinking about this and slightly embarrassed, but hey whatcha’ gonna do.

Here I am eight years later and *got* to unplug for five days and it was an amazing feeling. We went and stayed in a cabin on a lake with family; went fishing, drove the quads around, swam at the lake, played games, kayaked. We got way too many mosquito bites, caught a few toads, and hiked to a gorgeous waterfall. My favorite thing to watch was Dekker being SO into everything. I didn’t pack toys or an iPad just incase, the wilderness is what you get. At the end of everyday his feet were black, his face was smeared with dirt, but he loved it so much.

I was needing this time to step away so bad. I didn’t feel the need to scroll through my phone every night before bed, check my emails, or text anyone. Although we literally could not. haha. This time was spent interacting with my family, and focusing on the relationships in front of me. I highly suggest if you are feeling like you need to recharge to completely unplug. Sometimes at night I will put my phone away(which is good and enough) , but those five days made me feel so good and much needed.

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Home town fun!

We have been spending so much time in our home town, and we are LOVING it. Not going to lie I am going to be a little sad leaving here next month, but until then I am soaking it up. We finally found a place in Vacaville, so the first of August we will be headed that way again. This lifestyle puts us always on the move, and with two kids I for sure am I always on the move as it is.

I never realized how much I didn’t get out that often until we were here. Although my house might look like a pig pen, we are enjoying time with family and friends. Maybe I need to find a better balance.. haha. Taking the boys to places we love and grew up doing is such a joy. Chasing Dekker around our hometown and enjoying every minute!


Kanon’s denim outfit and Dekker’s shirt are from the lovely Blu & Blue : They have the cutest buttery soft denim clothing for little ones!!

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Sleep Schedule

I’ve chatted a little bit about being this non-realistic SUPER MOM before, and as much as I wish I was that I just am not. I don’t know every answer to everything about parenting, but I always love to share how I do things in hopes to help someone out there. People always ask if things were easier the second time around. In terms of some knowledge I’d say yes, but over all I would say you pretty much start from the bottom again. I say this because every baby is so different, and you have to play the guessing game on whats going to work this time.

Lets talk sleep. sleep. Sleep is super important around here, but if we miss nap time then we suck it up and deal with it. This might sound crazy, but I think our kids feed off the energy we put out there. I am easy going and our lifestyle is all about being flexible with no plans, so I feel like our children most of the time are really well with adjusting. Majority of the time Kanon takes a morning and afternoon nap( about an hour plus each) , and both kids are in bed by 8 pm.(Dekker also takes a 3 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon). I am not saying if you are out and about just let your kids skip naps, but occasionally when we are lets say wanting to see fire works I let my kid stay up late or maybe we had a day at the zoo. Lets just say we don’t let our kids schedules run our lives completely. haha. If nap time is delayed thirty minutes that is OK for us. And if we need to adjust nap time to an hour earlier to make it somewhere in the afternoon, that is OK for us.

Now for our bedtime routine.. kids do need a lot of  consistency in their lives, so we do try and have it there as much as possible. For any first time mamas, or pregnant mamas my key of some really good sleepers is starting on a schedule right away. I can’t explain how important this has been for especially for Kanon. I was a lot more strict with Kanon, because you dont want to have to sleep train later on( which we did with Dekker). Here is how our night time routine goes>>> 1. Baths and/or clean baby with a wipe ( everyone gets a better nap sleep when you’re squeaky clean) 2. Always put your kids in Pjs( We LOVE our > BABYBREEZ <Sleepers for both boys.) 3.Brush teeth( we started this really young with Dekker and he loves to brush his teeth now) 4. diffuse oils ( I am all about some yummy oils diffusing during night time to help my kids sleep) 5. Wrap Kanon in swaddle ( I forced this kid to like a good swaddle haha) 6. Feed/ burp (Kanon) 7. Lay Kanon in bed awake 8. Read book with Dekker



Sleeper by BabyBreez

Photography by Angela Nunnink Photography





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life has been one big adventure

We spent the last week unpacking and settling in Vacaville only to find out we would not be calling that home. A few empty promises and it did not work out exactly how we had expected. This life is so wild, and right now it is REALLY wild. We are missing a huge factor on where the heck do we park our home?!  I talked on my Instagram about the feelings during moving and all the changes that go with it. The stresses are at a all time HIGH over here. We have stuff all over the place. Piles of laundry in both of our parents houses. Hoping around from house to house. Sleep schedules on wack.  My car even looks like I live in it currently. We are ready to get to the place we will call home.

We have been searching for *that* place, and for now we are headed to Auburn, CA. We will be bouncing around a lot more than usual, which could be pretty fun but also crazy..haha. Mu husband will be commuting A LOT. But honestly  this is kind of how I imagined things would be when we first started traveling, but we have been lucky to have been able to stay in three places for such a “long” time.  Here goes nothing.. more traveling, and a lot more adventures ahead for this family of four.

We are still SO blessed and happy to be by family; Auburn now only being a 30 minute drive from our parents. This is very temporary, but we are excited and ready to take this all on. Wish us luck!!



Photography by Angela Nunnink Photography

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Mom n Tot Box

Happy Thursday guys!!  We got THE CUTEST mom and tot subscription box in the mail. If you want your heart to melt go check out my Insta stories (@blakeashlyn) of my big boy opening it up. I think he gets more excited than I do when he gets mail. I’m sure all kids are like this, but its just so special to them. This little box comes with goodies for mom and your littles. Win Win.

This could be a perfect gift for nieces, nephews, grand kids, or your own children. In our box we received it was handpicked from some awesome small businesses that I will share the names of below. Go check these adorable boxes out!

In our box we got the cutest shirt from Little dude n dudette that says “The Future”. The actual best multi color felt numbers from Buckettoyz. These are so perfect for my boy who is learning his numbers and colors right now, and this makes it so fun. Next, who doesn’t love a good wooden toy?! Timber Wolf concepts is a family owned shop that makes all their own toys and crafts and Dekker got a little bus that is perfect for this car loving boy. Last but not least mama got the yummiest bath tea. This made the whole box smell sooo good. It is almost like a bath bomb but its called a bath tea and is all natural, vegan, and cruelty free. The bath tea is from Soapy Layne and all homemade in Orange County, CA.


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