The beginning of our love story

Meet my ridiculously handsome hubby, Cody.

My husband and I don’t have this big fancy romantic love story, as much as I wish I could say it was love at first sight it just wasn’t haha.

 It is really funny to me to look back and see how much we actually crossed paths in our lives. When I was a freshman in high school, Cody was a junior. We had similar friends and we can even talk about parties we were both at but never even spoke or recall one another being there. I was a cheerleader.. he was on the football team. We definitely knew who one another was but I guess we both had our eyes elsewhere and thank goodness because I believe that everything happens for a reason and there is a time and place.

Although I will say the first time we saw each other when we started our little fling I remember that moment like it were yesterday. We were both put into a room full of people and instantly gravitated towards each other . We had both recently got the new iPhone and thought it was the coolest thing ever.. Thank you Apple for bringing me to my amazing hubby ;P  But really, we saw each other and honestly had never really spoke much, and when we did everything was just so easy with him. He had the ability to keep a smile on my face and the chemistry was apparent.

I am SO thankful that we met when we did. Cody was out of high school and working in town, and I was still finishing high school. We quickly became inseparable. Spending as much time as we could together. Staying up late where I swore I wasn’t going to be able to keep my eyes open in class the next day. Weekends boating, going to the river, I swear we were always doing something adventurous. One of my favorite things about him is his love for adventure.

After about a year of dating we spent a lot of time doing “long distance”… boy is that fun! But hey what can I say, he was worth it all. All the nights I would stay up to chat with him while he lived in New Zealand, and all the road trips back and forth from San Diego(where I moved for college).

Fast forward FIVE years and look at us. Never in a million years would I imagine my life like this. We have two gorgeous boys; living this wild and adventurous life together traveling.

This guy is my fairytale and I wouldn’t want it any other way. xo

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Trunk club #3!

Love getting my clothes delivered right to my door. Most of the time I can’t always spend hours in a dressing room. Trunk club gives me the options to try everything on in my own home without any commitment at all. This time I had a few items I saw online and requested my stylist to send.. love that you can do this! Xo


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A letter to my Baby Boy! On his first birthday!

My sweet sweet Kanon Gane,

I can not believe it’s been a year since I held you for the very first time. Since your delicious chubby cheeks, dark hair, and screaming face arrived. You definitely gave me a scare when I was in labor, but you came out perfect as ever!

The day you were born my heart doubled in size, I did not know it was possible, but it certainly was. You were everything and all my worries washed away the second I saw you. Your brother was so happy to see you, although the first month you were not his favorite. Everyday that goes by your brother gets more and more obsessed with his baby brother.

Your brother has been your biggest supporter and biggest fan. He gets so excited when you learn something new. He loves to help you walk, talk, and cause trouble. When he laughs you instantly light up and crack up together. Sometimes you guys get mad at one another, for stealing each other’s toys… typical siblings of course, but over all your relationship has only gotten stronger and stronger.

You are a smiley little boy. When you smile it lights up the room. Everywhere we go people are always saying hi to you and you LOVE it. I think you are going to be a major flirt.

You love watching everyone around you. I think you enjoy being in big crowds because there is so much to look at, and you are always at ease with busy.

You are determined. You starting taking your first steps at just nine months old. I think that you were trying to catch up with big brother. I don’t blame you though, your big brother wanted to start playing with you from the get go.

You say “Mama” and “dada”. Most of the time when you say “Mama” it’s only when you really need me haha, and “dada” happens very often. Despite you being a major mamas boy. I also think that you try and say dek too, but we’ll get there!

Kanon Gane, I hope that you grow up sweet and kind and have a heart for others. That you grow up knowing Jesus. That even though this world can be cruel you still shine through it. I hope that you are courageous, strong, generous, and patient. That you always see the good in others.

Kanon Gane, I hope that you never loose sight in how very much I love you.





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First year must haves!!

My first year must haves! These were the items I used EVERY DAY, and could not live with out. There is SO much stuff out there that is not necessary and I had it all with Dekker, so my second go around I really found out what it is that I needed. The Aden and Anais blankets are SO great.. probably my most used item for sure. The baby breez zip sleepers are so soft and perfect for middle of the night feedings ( buttons will kill ya!) My dock a tot was so nice for us because we were traveling a lot. I loved to bring it outside with us as well, or the long nights in the beginning both my babies slept with us. My mama roo was a must when you have two babes running around. When your babe is new and sleeping a lot this was nice for me to have in the living room while big brother and I played.










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Road Trips with kids!

Traveling is our lifestyle, literally. Dekker has gone on countless road trips and Kanons traveling adventures have just begun. I know some people are terrified of road trips with kids, because well it can be exhausting to say the least. I have  definitely learned these passed three years what works and helps us best. Sometimes not every trip is fabulous but you get through it, I promise!


I know this is such a simple one, but this saves me!! You can never have enough snacks, I promise. Of course water as well. I try to not let Dekker drink SO much so that we aren’t stopping every five minutes 😳


I always have a small basket of toys in my car, so this is perfect for road trips. Most of the time Dekker will have the basket in his lap playing with toys. I’ve also gone to dollar spot or dollar store to get a new toy for the trip. There is something about new toys that make it way better. Haha.


Having your kids wear comfy clothes, then maybe they will nap longer. Also having the right shoes I feel like is super important. Making sure your child has slip on shoes so you can easily take them on and off.


We just did two 6 hour trips in a week and didn’t use this, but normally we do. I like to use this as my last weapon in the car haha! Maybe that last hour everyone is just not having it, so you pull it out. I won’t even tell Dekker that I have it ready or tell him later he can watch it because then I won’t be bothered.


Making sure when you stop your kids walk around. Even 30 minutes max outside of the car helps so much.


When we were driving on our last trip I had both the boys in my car while Cody was in his. I can’t tell you how many times I had to reach back and get something for Kanon or Dekker, so it made me think that I really need a go go gadget arm. Right!? I know you mamas feel the same. I think we should all invest in one of those toy claw sticks ( almost like a trash pick up stick). Honestly I might try it.. I’ll let you know 🤷🏼‍♀️





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PMD kiss

The PMD kiss is a new product that PMD came out with used for anti-aging and lip plumping. It initially will give your lips a plump look and a vibrant lip color, but over time you will see less wrinkles and lines in your lips. Who else runs at anything that is anti-aging?! This is something I especially use when going to an event or photoshoot. The more you use it the better results over time you are going to get.

I especially like the look this gives if I am going to be wearing lipstick. The look is natural, but you can definitely tell a difference.

The PMD uses pulsating vacuum technology. The kiss pulses on the lip with two different sizes and two different speeds. You can play around with the sizes and speeds to figure out what is best for your lips.


Check out the PMD kiss at PMD Beauty

Photography by Angela Nunnink Photography

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It is MOVING time!!

This last week and a half have been a world wind of emotions.. ahhh! Lets back track a bit.. My hubby got surgery in October and has been off work for 3 months, and was officially cleared to go back to work on the 8th of January. This basically means that he gets put on a list for jobs and then we get called when he is placed. That in itself is CRAZY.

BUT a little over a week ago he got a call saying he got a job placement and he would start the 8th, but they needed him to do paperwork before hand. The job was in our hometown and I could not believe it. (We live in a small town) My husband was literally doing cartwheels SO excited. I am going to be honest and say I was in denial that this was actually happening. He talked to his boss and set up everything, and we even went and looked at a house to buy because why not?! :/ Two hours after being told he had this job they called and said they messed up and he is unable to give this job to him. Because the dates of the paperwork were before his release date this was not aloud. Honestly it was a little devastating for us, but there is a reason for this for sure.

Here we are Thursday and we FINALLY found out where we will call home.When I first found out the news my husband called me and said North East Los Angeles and I was like okay I can hang with that. haha. He sent me an address and the only thing on the map that stuck out to me was LANCASTER,CA. His “show up” was a little over 30 minutes away from Lancaster, and let me just say we have been there and done that. That was the one place I could not do again. I started freaking out a little bit thinking that was going to be our only option, but we officially are not going near there. And  after waiting what seemed like forever( only 3 days haha). We will be making Northridge, CA our home.




Angela Nunnink Photography

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New Years Resolutions and Family update!

New Year folks! I love that New Years provides you with this fresh start. The desire to really push to be your best self, and hope that you can make whatever it may be happen. I am not huge on resolutions, but I think it pushes people that really crave a new beginning for something and I love that. Everyone deserves chances, creativness, and goals and for some reason the new year seems like the perfect start to EVERYTHING. I’ve been the one to make resolutions and not fulfill them and hey! That’s okay! Get back up and start again! No shame peeps. I have a few goals that I want to really focus on this year, so I am going to give it a go.

Be more present! I say this as a blogger, Mama, and wife. When I am with family to really focus on my quality time and enjoy it. I’ll admit I get wrapped up in my phone a lot, and I really am wanting to unplug a bit at times. Be more present in my conversations, relationships, and connecting with all of you as well. Along with being present I also mean it in the sense to try and not worry about the future. Be in the now.


Focus on my family! 

This kind of goes hand in hand with being present for me. What matters to me most is my three boys( Hubby is apart of this) . We live a crazy lifestyle, so I want to focus on them and being together. Spending quality time with the hubby to flourish our relationship, and always making sure my boys get some one on one time as well.



Be who I want to be! This is a big for me when it comes to a lot of views in my life. I really want to focus on not worrying about being judged, and just focus on what I love and who I am. Not caring about if someone won’t like something, or if they do things differently. I am who I am and that’s a blessing ❤️


Read more! I think this is one of my goals every year… I love to read blogs, watch YouTube videos, but I want to take time to really dive into a good paper back.



Food and Fitness! 

I am sure this is the #1 New Years resolution and I think that’s awesome. So many people are really wanting to make healthier choices, and that is exactly what I want. We don’t eat bad by any means, but I love myself a good Dr. Pepper and sweets. All the sweets. As far as fitness goes, I want to be more active and hopefully when we move get a new gym membership 🙌🏻👍🏻 This will help me gets some “me time” as well, and as a Mama of two you know I need that!



My husband has officially been signed off to start work on the 8th of January from his surgery. He has been recovering for almost three months now, and we are ready to get back into the groove of things. Now his company he worked for in Vacaville,CA prior to surgery did “lay him off” ( so confusing), so he will be put back on the “books”( basically a list) starting Monday. They never tell us where we are going until about one to three days in advance of his start date. As of right now we are still in our home town enjoying family, until next week we will most likely be MOVING and off on our next adventure.





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Trunk Club #2



Second Trunk Club box and I am obsessed with this service. Free styling fee for anyone with a Nordstrom Card, so if you don’t like anything you get than you can send it all back. Below is everything I received in my trunk this week. xxo

Link to try Trunk Club >>HERE!! <<




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Trying on my first trunk club!

 Who else struggles with breaking out of your confront zone with shopping besides this girl!! Also trunk club is a time saver! Everything I’m wearing is from my trunk club which is a subscription clothing box from Nordstrom(my fav).

When you’re a cardholder with nordstrom( debit or credit) you have no styling fee which is AMAZING! I would never think to pick up some of the items I got and I loved them on. It gets sent straight to your door, and you get to try everything on in the comfort of your home. Go to my Instagram to check out everything I got.

check it out here>> 


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